The Young Makers Program intends to connect like-minded young people with adult mentors and fabricators and to organize opportunities for kids to dream up and develop projects for Maker Faire each year. We encourage kids to develop projects based on their own interests and ideas. Projects have included furniture that doubles as a hamster habitat, a fire-breathing dragon, a seesaw water pump, an animatronic galloping horse, and a mobile spy camera. We all work together to create a collaborative culture of creativity, innovation and experimentation. In the Young Makers Program, there are no winners and losers; the focus is on exhibition, not competition. Just like Maker Faire, anything that’s cool is fair game.

For more information, read our Edutopia Post or the ASEE Prism article, or watch this 10-minute piece from PBS NewsHour or this 2-minute micro-documentary:

The FamiLAB Young Makers group meets monthly to learn and make in the lab setting, with the tools and experts necessary to bring ideas to life. Young Makers are encouraged to build a project with a parent / mentor and display it proudly at the Orlando Mini Maker Faire in 2012.


Video from our November 2011 meeting – 8 Young Makers assembled Radio Shack LED flashlight kits (Thanks Radio Shack!!)  while learning to solder and heat shrink…


We are currently working on individual Young Maker projects for Orlando Mini Maker Faire on May 26th, 2012.

MAILING LIST: We now have a moderated Young Makers mailing list for MEMBERS (Young Makers, Parents, Mentors) of the Young Makers program.

If you are a YoungMaker or a parent of a child that loves to build things (or take them apart!), please email us at for more information.

FamiLAB member teaching a 13 year old to MIG weld

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