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This page is for potential instructors to put forth an idea for a workshop or class. Feel free to create a dedicated page if necessary!

If you're wondering what the steps are to hold a class, check out How_to:_Classes,_Workshops_and_Events.

Scheduled classes are on our Public Classes and Events page.

Unity (3D Engine) class

  • Instructor: Tom
  • Tentatively scheduled for the second week of January 2012
  • Location: TBD (Full Sail? FamiLAB?)
  • Open to members? The Public?

Intro to Arduino

Advanced Arduino

Intro to FamiLAB

  • Curriculum:
    • FamiLAB's mission
    • Communication/collaboration tools
    • Shop safety

How to Teach a Class class

Developing a Mission Statement

Slide Rules 101

  • Instructor: Mike
  • Curriculum: How slide rules work, why they work, and one you can make yourself!
  • Location: FamiLAB

Introduction to Metasploit Workshop & Class

  • Instructors: Bill, g3k, DC407
  • Curriculum: Modified and shortened version of Metasploit Unleashed
  • Location: FamiLAB CL1
  • Student Prereqs:
    • Laptop running BackTrack 5
    • Basic information security knowledges
    • Command line experience
    • Basic Linux experience
  • Location Requirements:
    • Power for students
    • Projector & A/V
    • Vulnerable VM farm
      • Copy of Metasploitable for each student/instructor with unique hostname and IP
      • One Windows XP SP2 modified NIST image for demo

Information Security Basics: Self Defense (Class/Presentation)

  • Potential Instructors: Bill, lrvick, Mack, DC407
  • Curriculum: End-User guide to not getting owned. Should be non-technical friendly if possible. Bill may be able to snag presentations from work, but will need to ask.
    • Local
    • Over the wire
    • Social Networking
    • ...
  • Location: FamiLAB CL1