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New FamiLAB Class: Wiki Editing 101

Currently, there's plans on creating a new class on creating and editing wiki pages on our FamiLAB wiki.

These classes will help members create new pages and edit ones that need editing.

Some of the things that will be done are, for the first class:

  • For people without wiki accounts, a new wiki account will be opened with them before the class.
  • Learn basic editing commands and basic formatting syntax.
  • Find what they're passionate about at the lab so they might have interest in taking on that topic for the wiki.
  • Creating a user page so you may present information about yourself to the rest of the lab.
Note: Personal user pages are also a good place to test your editing knowledge and use it as a sandbox for testing pages before the content is used on a public page.
  • Be given a list of resources to learn more about wiki editing beyond what is taught in the classes.

Some of the things that will be done in the second class:

  • Learn extended wiki editing syntax that wasn't taught in the first class.
  • Learn how to create tables and learn how to use CSS (cascading style sheets) within wiki pages. Also, CSS is used for implementing colors properly within wiki pages.
  • Possibly learn some proper grammar to enhance the accuracy of the information found in our wiki.

Things suggested to be brought to the classes by each student:

  • Personal laptop or portable personal computer to use in learning editing syntax within the wiki.
  • (Optional) Note pad or blank paper and a pen for recording some notes (or use an app on your computer)
  • (Optional) Drink or snacks for during the class in the event you get thirsty or hungry.

These classes will be combined with the new wiki editing nights so new editors may use their new knowledge to help with the FamiLAB Wiki.

About the length of time for each class:

  • Each class will be 60 mins long, give or take a few mins depending on how the class responds to the content of the class.
  • Each class will begin on time exactly. Please do not be late to the class as you will possibly miss important information.
  • During the class, there will be a break for using the restrooms, smoke break and getting some beverage to refresh yourself. The break will be after 30 mins of instruction and will be about 10 mins long.

These new classes were from the suggestion from Katie. She came up with the idea considering people may have been discouraged from doing editing because they lacked the knowledge on how to perform editing properly.