What Can (and Can't) I Do At FamiLAB

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The hackerspace movement is in many ways a physical manifestation of the open source software and hardware movements. As such, we borrow patterns and ideas from other hackerspaces whenever possible.


In the spirit of borrowing, FamiLAB ascribes to the Do-ocracy model as described by our friends at Noisebridge. Rather than reproduce it here, we ask you to read the page on Do-cracy at Noisebridge's website.

tl;dr - If you want something done, do it, but remember to be excellent to each other when doing so.



If there's one way to make sure a hacker does something, it's to tell them that they can't do it. In that spirit, we'd like to tell you what you CAN (and MUST) do at FamiLAB.