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About me

  • Real name is Anthony D. Morris Jr.
  • Born and raised in Central Florida.
  • Have always been a maker at heart.
  • Have an interest in programming as well, primarily C/C++/Python.

Classes/Equipment knowledge

  • Took the FamiLAB soldering class.
  • Took the FamiLAB intro to Arduino class. (was already well past the curriculum)
  • Pretty good on the laser cutter, feel free to ask for help!
  • Know the basics of milling machine and lathe operation, though I'm no expert.


  • Quadcopter - Built a wooden platform to host the electronics.
  • McWire Cartesian bot. (On hold, will probably be moving to a Ronthomp Mendel)
  • Half-block Autococker conversion.
  • War-car. Wardriving setup for my 1986 Fiero (sadly now gone)