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* '''G+:''' [[https://plus.google.com/104392700641405092118/ Chorca's Profile]]
* '''G+:''' [[https://plus.google.com/104392700641405092118/ Chorca's Profile]]
* [[http://tastycrepes.blogspot.com TastyCrepes]] (General geeky stuff)
* [[http://falconoutdoor.blogspot.com The Falcon's Phoenix]] (Reparing a Falcon Outdoor printer)
====Other Sites====
* [[http://flickr.com/photos/chorca Flickr Photos]]

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Hi there! I'm a member of FamiLAB and currently running the Wiki.

I've built a RepRap, and tinker with electronic stuffs.

I'm easy to get ahold of! If you can't get ahold of me, you aren't trying. Just kidding.


  • AIM: Chorca1
  • ICQ: 74195344
  • Y!: Chorca
  • MSN: Chorca@gmail.com
  • Google Talk: Chorca@gmail.com


  • Chorca@gmail.com
  • Chris.Purola@gmail.com


  • Google Voice: 1-805-246-7221



Other Sites