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Contact Info

Service Username
Reality Bill R.
Twitter @abyssknight
Email abyss {at} abyssknight {dot} com
GVoice (407) 536-8705


I have a bunch of experience building web applications and in information security. specifically secure coding and testing. I just enjoy learning and building things, which is why I'm so enthusiastic about FamiLAB. It isn't about Arduino or 555 timers so much as continuous development of my own knowledge -- and the knowledge of others. What we do at the lab is so important to STEM education and cultivating the excellent community of makers, hackers, and curious bystanders here in Orlando. Let's work together and make something.

FamiLAB Duties

I help manage the content out on including blog posts, pages, and other updates. I'm also helping out with the classroom renovation when I can. Mostly, though, I help keep things sane and enjoyable by being a constant.