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(Virtual Machine Requests)
(Virtual Machine Requests)
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* GIT repo
* GIT repo
* dedicated game servers?
* dedicated game servers?
* [[https://github.com/plamoni/SiriProxy| Siri Proxy]]
* [https://github.com/plamoni/SiriProxy| Siri Proxy]

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Server Consolidation

So as we move into a new space and have to pay for our own power, I am going to be consolidating all the physical servers onto one VM box, I am sticking with VMware because we already have a vulnerable environment on it, I will just segregate the two environments in the virtual space and have a dedicated nic for accessing the vuln. from the lan or its own wifi(which you will have to crack :-P)

Please add any requests to the list and if its non-standard please provide URL with setup instructions

also no folding/cracking VM's or services will be created!


~~Kyle *omegatotal*

you can email me directly at omegatotal |.at.| dc407.com

Virtual Machine Requests

  • Old famiweb scripts and services
  • Untangle
  • PBX - Asterisk
  • Security System (Aaron's RFID stuff)
  • GIT repo
  • dedicated game servers?
  • Siri Proxy