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This page is in active development...

Todo: Convert names over to wiki user pages...

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Corporation Duties

President: Daniel Robert Lewis

  • List Responsibilities

Vice President: Daniel Burroughs

  • List Responsibilities

Treasurer: Ian Cole (Digitalman2112)

  • Landlord Relationship
  • Monthly Financial Summary
  • Maintenance of Member List
  • Class Supplies Inventory (kits, etc.)
  • Bank Account management
  • Payment of Bills
  • Reimbursement of Expenses
  • more...

Secretary: Mack Hooper (Mack)

  • Monthly Meeting
  • Annual Meeting
  • Annual Corporate Filing
  • Maintenance of P.O. Box
  • more...

Volunteer / Do-acracy Duties


  • Wordpress Administration - Mack H. (Mack), Bill R. (Abyssknight)
  • Wordpress Content - Ian C. (Digitalman2112), Bill R. (Abyssknight) - All members are encouraged to submit blog content - we will excerpt your blog, or write blog entries for you, or if you are interested, you can submit directly once we show you the nuances of our wordpress template...
  • Website Contact Form Submissions - Mack H. (Mack), Ian C. (Digitalman2112), Bill R. (Abyssknight), Aaron C. (Wilycoldcuts)
  • Web Server Administration - Mack H. (Mack)


  • Wiki Admin (Accounts) - Chris P. (Chorca) - Members, email me for Wiki access with your desired username and email you want to register with. A password will be mailed to you.
  • Wiki Editing - All Members - get an account and help improve it...

Email Lists

  • Admin / Moderation - Mack H. (Mack)

Social Media

  • Twitter - Ian C. (Digitalman2112), Bill R. (Abyssknight) (Please make sure that FamiLAB is following you, and please retweet about events, classes, etc.)
  • Linked In Group - Mack H. (Mack), Ian C. (Digitalman2112) (Please join it...and post if you will be attending events, etc.)
  • Facebook - Dan resurrected it - get over there and "Like" it!
  • Google+ - Mack (f00bard)

Promotion on other websites / communities

Class Administration

New Member Welcome

Ian C. (Digitalman2112), Matt A. (armstrom)

  • Send a welcome email - with a link to the New Member Orientation Info
  • Provide overview of resources New Member Orientation Info updated
  • Make sure they get a key
  • Check up on them periodically until they start interacting with the group
  • Basically, make them feel welcome!

Monthly Open House "Host"

Ian C. (Digitalman2112), Aaron C. (Wilycoldcuts)

  • Communicate with RSVPs
  • Buy cookies, drinks (soda / water / gatorade), ice (with approved budget / reimbursement)
  • Buy nametags, get people to wear them (with approved budget / reimbursement)
  • Greet people, make sure they know where the bathroom is, etc.


Equipment and Tool Maintenance:

Safety Equipment

  • List of required equipment - Mike K.

Items that need Volunteers

Many of these things are done today, but it would be nice to spread the load around / have backups...

Donations Manager

  • Better define what we will or will not accept
  • Work with agencies that take PC donations to keep our Lab clean
  • Ensure proper disposal of excess Lab items
  • Create list of items we want to have donated
  • Work with local suppliers that have agreed to donate scrap, etc

Workshop / Class Host

  • Anyone can lead a workshop or class - Please volunteer - we will help you get started!