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(Volunteer / Do-acracy Duties)
(Corporation Duties)
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*Monthly Financial Summary
*Monthly Financial Summary
*Maintenance of Member List
*Maintenance of Member List
*Class Supplies Inventory (kits, etc.)
* more...
* more...
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*Annual Corporate Filing
*Annual Corporate Filing
* more...
* more...
== Volunteer / Do-acracy  Duties ==
== Volunteer / Do-acracy  Duties ==

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Corporation Duties

President: Daniel Robert Lewis

  • List Responsibilities

Vice President: Daniel Burroughs

  • List Responsibilities

Treasurer: Ian Cole

  • Landlord Relationship
  • Monthly Financial Summary
  • Maintenance of Member List
  • Class Supplies Inventory (kits, etc.)
  • more...

Secretary: Mack Hooper

  • Monthly Meeting
  • Annual Meeting
  • Annual Corporate Filing
  • more...

Volunteer / Do-acracy Duties


  • Wordpress Administration - Mack H., Bill R.
  • Wordpress Content - Ian C., Bill R. (All members are encouraged to submit blog content - we will excerpt your blog, or write blog entries for you, or if you are interested, you can submit directly once we show you the nuances of our wordpress template...)

Social Media:

  • Twitter - Ian C., Bill R. (Please make sure that FamiLAB is following you, and please retweet about events, classes, etc.)
  • Linked In Group - Mack H., Ian C.(Please join it...and post if you will be attending events, etc.)
  • Facebook - Abandoned. Need to get the old group archived and clean up the page at a minimum.

Class Administration:

  • EventBrite - Dave C., Ian C., Mack H. (We can create a class / event as needed - even if free...)

Other: Adafruit Hackerspace discount ordering - Dave C.

Equipment and Tool Maintenance:

  • Laser -
  • Servers - ?
  • PBX -