Potential Legal Issues

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  • members will need to sign a waiver of some kind to waive the property owner or renter of liability in case something happens to them on the premises
    • PS:1 had us all sign a waiver as soon as we entered the space
    • We'll need a general liability policy at a minimum. This is relatively cheap. $1M min. probably. (M)
    • Can't get a quote on liability until we know exactly where we'll be
  • IF we become a nonProfit we have to elect some sort of board of trustees to be resonosible for the nonprofit to make sure money isent being made
    • Find PDFs on Florda Non*Profit requirements.
    • If we incorporate, and we should for liability purposed, we have to elect a board regardless
    • 501c3 is federal, WP covers some of it: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/501%28c%29#501.28c.29.283.29
    • As a 501c3 we can't make political speech or lobby
    • On the plus side, donations to us become tax deductible, giving other corps an excuse to give us money/goods
  • State and local laws on amount of people in a dwelling at once.
  • State and local Fire codes
  • Who Is going to sign the lease
  • Who is going to check with the local municipality for laws on putting antennas and satellite dishes up
    • How long does looking these things up take? We have a lot of stuff to look up.
        • Might depend on building owner, too. In fact, that's probably the biggest obstacle. (M)
        • Usually is HOAs that have problems with antennas, but what do i know. My neighbor has like 5 or 6 big antennas in his backyard, but we don't have an HOA. This in unincorporated Sem County. (M)
  • Alot of places have a limit on how many vehicles can be parked in*front of a dwelling for an extended period of time.
  • bank accounts if we sell any t-shirts or merchandise
    • can you sell stuff if you're a nonprofit? or is non*profit just to 'break even'?
      • non-profit means you have to have break even as a corporation. after all expenses. a lot of hospitals are non profit and they still pay their employees
        • If we have excess funds, we can invest it in capital expenses like a laser, mill, etc.
  • Bank accounts for check writing for utilities
  • If we become non profit. a lot of cities wont allow corporations to be in residential areas
  • who owns property that is left at location for longer then x amount of time
    • Some of this stuff is mentioned in the Hackerspaces.org Design Patterns wiki. We should codify it to make sure people know bringing stuff in legally means whatever it is going to mean.
  • who owns property if it is abandoned at the location.
  • if some one commits an illegal act how are they held accountable
ex if some one hacks something and gets caught the subpoena will come to the account holders name.
we need a way to keep that person out of legal trouble if a member does that
  • no logs
  • maybe keep logs. i dont want to be insecure, ruins the 'hacker' thing.
  • keep hacking local (or on approved networks, like darknet with other hackerspaces)
  • don't be a douche
  • non profits are required to keep inventory.
    • we should keep inventory. Somewhere on hackerspaces.org they have a page on 'hackerspace software' for membership collection and inventory and stuff.