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= Screenprinting equipment =  
= Screenprinting equipment =  
* Tom?
* [[Screen_Printing_for_Lab]] (Tom)
= Furniture/Other =  
= Furniture/Other =  

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Some equipment is being donated and is becoming property of the lab. Some equipment will be "leased" to the lab (to avoid liability issues to the owner), but will remain the personal property of the owner. The owner can remove it for personal use, and will communicate this in advance to make sure that others are aware. Items with this status will be documented on the wiki (with a QR code on the device?) so that others can easily know if there are any use / modification restrictions.

3D Printer

  • Ian's 3D printer "Phineas" will be "leased" to the lab, and will not require permission to use it, but will require permission / communication to modify.
  • I'd like to figure out how to maintain a device or shared configuration that would allow other people to use the current settings, and tweak them as needed to improve a master profile, but also to leave it ready for use by others
  • I could use help getting the damn thing working since I never make time for it



  • A car subwoofer box with 2 10" MTX subwoofer speakers, and 500 watt Bazooka Amplifier will be "leased" to the space at no cost by Ted.

IP Phones

  • Chris will be donating at least 1 Grandstream GXP2000, possibly a Polycom IP335 or Snom 320 depending on needs/how he does his house

CNC Router

  • As soon as I can get money + truck, we can get the 4x4 CNC. - Chris


Welding Gear

  • Will be "leased" to the space at no cost by Ian
  • Access Control (safety checkout), safety gear, and consumables cost need to be planned
  • Lincoln Electric Pro-Mig 180 (220v)
  • Lincoln Electric Aluminum Spoolgun
  • Welding Table
  • 1- 125# tank of Argon (Aluminum)
  • 1- 125# tank of Argon / CO2 mix (steel)

Plasma Cutter

  • Will be "leased" to the space at no cost by Ian
  • Access Control (safety checkout), safety gear, and consumables cost need to be planned
  • Hypertherm PowerMax 30 (220v)

Powdercoating equipment

  • Will be leased to the space at no cost by Matt (along with a small toaster oven for curing small parts). An air compressor can be loaned until the lab has its own. Usage isn't terribly dangerous but I members should be trained to use the powder coating equipment.

Grizzly Vertical Mill

  • Ian to pickup from Rick K.

Grizzly Lathe

  • Now at the lab, donated by Rick K.

Woodworking equipment

Basic woodworking gear

  • Will be "leased" to the space at no cost by Ian
  • 10" Craftsman Mitre chop saw w. laser
  • Table saw - Inexpensive Ryobi Home Depot model
    • Definitely need to get people checked out on this. One of the more dangerous tools out there.
  • Belt sander
  • Scroll saw

Retro Computers

  • Will be "leased" to the space at no cost by Ian


  • Mack? Mack!
  • May need some TLC, I haven't turned it on, ever.
  • Have some cones and other consumables, I think.

Screenprinting equipment


  • IKEA KLIPPAN Loveseat with two washable slipcovers (navy blue and natural off-white). -Available for permanent donation by Aaron
  • Coca-Cola Vending Machine (A Cavalier C4-96 from 1963). -Leased to the space at no cost by Aaron
  • Powered cubicles with windows. -Josh Pritchard