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I'll work to keep this current, feel free to email / call with questions...


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Phineas (nickname) is a RepRap Prusa Mendel, built from a MakerGear Prusa Mendel Kit.

It was purchased and built by Ian (Digitalman2112) between April and June of 2011.


Warning, I make mistakes, and sometimes the mistakes stay in the photos - don't use these as your only reference :)

Build Photos - Main Album

Build Photos - RAMPS

Build Photos - End Stops

Build Photos - Heated Build Platform


MakerGear Prusa Build Instructions - These are a complement to the Visual Prusa Instructions


  • RAMPS v1.2
  • Polulus
  • Fan for Polulu - 40mm(?) from Skycraft
  • Arduino Mega 2560
  • Power Supply - Sunpower Model FDPS-240A 12v 20A power supply


  • Makergear Prusa Mendel Hybrid Kit
  • Makergear stepper extruder
  • 0.9 degree steppers on X & Y (with shafts flattened for pulley set screws)
  • 1.8 degree steppers on Z (qty 2)
  • Swapped out ceramic heater (kept breaking them) for Resistor Block
  • .35 nozzle
  • Moved X endstop so that origin (0,0) is front left (with Y stepper at the BACK)


Ian (user link) is currently using the following:

Print Status

The printer is NOW printing. It needs better calibration, but it is close.

Current Work

This is the TODO or In-progress list...


  • Get the fan on the polulus mounted & connected to always be on
  • Build a RAMPS case
  • Clean up stepper wiring, and add some nice disconnects...


  • Add a print cooling fan?


  • Speed up python?


  • Turn on & off fan in D9 with M106
  • Calibrating SFACT - DO THIS
  • Spent lots of time getting bind out of the Y & Z - this is why the Polulus needed so much current, and why they were overheating...