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Getting Started at FamiLAB

Now that you are a member, here are some things you should do to improve your FamiLAB experience:

  • Show up on Tuesday nights - the 1st Tuesday is typically the Open House, the 3rd Tuesday is typically the Monthly Member Meeting (Decision time...) but check the calendar and the Public Classes & Events Page
  • Microcontroller Mondays are the 2nd and 4th Monday of each month - watch the calendar and the Public Classes & Events Page. This event has RSVP requested, the link is on the Public Classes & Events Page.
  • Use the calendar on the FamiLAB website to know about the major dates
  • Join the mailing lists - the discuss list is the most active
  • Read the blog often (and eventually provide content plz!)
  • Follow @FamiLAB on twitter - this tends to be "offical announcement" type stuff for the public. Please retweet :)
  • Hang out on IRC - #familab on freenode with your favorite IRC client, or you can use webchat
  • Start connecting with other members on Google+ - this tends to be the real time thoughts & project updates
  • "Like" us on Facebook
  • Start reading the wiki from the FamiLAB home page - there is a lot here. Email Chris (Chorca) with your desired username for a wiki account so that you can add more questions (and later...answers)
  • Add your Home & Work (APPROXIMATE LOCATION ONLY) to the Map of Important FamiLAB Locations
  • Get a key from Mack (f00bard) or Ian (digitalman2112) - most new members come to a Tuesday night gathering. If you let us know you are coming in advance, we can make sure to have a key for you.
  • Please ask questions :)
  • Start coming to the lab, you can watch & learn, or make & learn, or teach & learn... at your own pace.

How do I?

This section is new, and needs lots of answers...please help! Don't duplicate info here - it should mostly be links to other FamiLAB wiki or website pages...

  • Get a key
  • Get a wiki account - Email Chris (Chorca) with your desired username for a wiki account
  • Get a wordpress account - Contact Bill (abyssknight) or Mack (f00bard)
  • Get a locker - Lockers are for the $50 per month level and above at this time. As we've added members, we've been adding lockers, please be patient if we don't have an empty one, ask around, someone will likely share with you until we get more.
  • Know what is going on - or when people will be at the lab - best to join the mailing lists or hang out on IRC
  • Bring guests
  • Attend a class
  • Volunteer to work an event
  • Hold a class / workshop / Event
    • Schedule it at the lab or at Cloudspace or other location
    • Add it to EventBrite
  • Use the RepRap / Makerbot - See the 3D Printing page
  • Use the Laser
  • Get through the gate
  • Borrow books from the library
  • Get auto-op from IRC famibot
  • Donate things to the lab (and what things?)
  • Know which things in the lab are ok to use for my projects?