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Getting Started at FamiLAB

Now that you are a member, here are some things you should do to improve your FamiLAB experience:

  • Show up on Tuesday nights - the 1st Tuesday is typically the Open House, the 3rd Tuesday is typically the Monthly Member Meeting (Decision time...) but check the calendar and the Public Classes & Events Page
  • Use the calendar on the FamiLAB website to know about the major dates
  • Join the mailing lists - the discuss list is the most active
  • Hang out on IRC - #familab on freenode
  • Get a key from Mack or Ian - most new members come to a Tuesday night gathering. If you let us know you are coming in advance, we can make sure to have a key for you.
  • Follow @FamiLAB on twitter - this tends to be "offical announcement" type stuff for the public
  • Start connecting with other members on Google+ - this tends to be the real time thoughts & project updates
  • Read the blog often (and eventually provide content plz!)
  • Start reading the wiki from the home page - there is a lot here. Email Chris Chorca for a wiki account so that you can add more questions (and later...answers)

[This section is new, and needs lots of answers...please help!]

How do I?

  • Get a key
  • Get a wiki account
  • Get a wordpress account
  • Get a locker
  • Know what is going on - or when people will be at the lab
  • Bring guests
  • Attend a class
  • Volunteer to work an event
  • Hold a class / workshop / Event
    • Schedule it at the lab or at Cloudspace or other location
    • Add it to EventBrite
  • Use the RepRap / Makerbot
  • Use the Laser
  • Get through the gate
  • Borrow books from the library
  • Get auto-op from IRC famibot
  • Donate things to the lab (and what things?)
  • Know which things in the lab are ok to use for my projects?