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Getting Started at FamiLAB

Now that you are a member, here are some things you should do to improve your FamiLAB experience:

  • Use the FamiLAB Calendar to know about the major dates
  • Join the Forums and introduce yourself!
  • Read the Blog often (and eventually provide content please!)
  • Follow @FamiLAB on twitter - this tends to be "offical announcement" type stuff for the public. Please retweet :)
  • Hang out on Slack- This is where most of our day-to-day communication happens, with realtime thoughts and project updates.
  • "Like" us on Facebook
  • Start reading the wiki from the FamiLAB home page - there is a lot here. Email Nick (Npolanosky) or LloydBlack with your desired username for a wiki account so that you can add more questions (and later...answers)
  • Add your Home & Work (APPROXIMATE LOCATION ONLY) to the Map of Important FamiLAB Locations
  • Once confirmed, get a key (NFC Card) by messaging @badges on Slack.
  • Get a bin from a board member and label/decorate it as much as you would like to. If none are available, let us know and we can get you one.
  • Please ask questions :)
  • Start coming to the lab, you can watch & learn, or make & learn, or teach & learn... at your own pace.

How do I...

  • ...Get a key/access to the lab? The new space uses NFC tags for access. Once you're confirmed as a member, contact @badges on Slack.
  • ...Get a wiki account? Contact @ops_team on slack with your desired username and email address for a wiki account
  • ...Get a wordpress account? Contact @ops_team on slack with your desired username and email address
  • ...Know what is going on, or when people will be at the lab? It's best to join our Slack channels. Many great projects at the lab have been kicked off simply by someone asking who will be there on a given night.
  • ...Use the 3D Printers? See the 3D Printing page
  • ...Use the laser cutter/etcher? See the following page:
  • ...Borrow books or tools from the lab? See: Borrow books from the library
  • ...Donate things to the lab? If you are a member simply post to the mailing list, bring up the donation at a meeting, or discuss it with a board member. If you are not yet a member please email one of our board members to let us know what you would like to donate.
  • ...Hold a class/workshop? See: How to: Classes, Workshops and Events
  • ...Attend a class? Our calendar is updated regularly, but each event has different RSVP requirements. We often use Eventbrite for RSVPs and to collect class fees. See also: Public Classes & Events Page
  • ...Bring guests? Members can always bring a guest... After all, many of our members found out about FamiLAB from friends or coworkers! As a member, you are responsible for your guests. We have dangerous tools in the lab, and the last thing we want is for anyone to get hurt. If you are planning on bringing more than one or two guests we ask that you consider having them come to an Open House event or scheduling an event on the calendar, so we can ensure members get priority access to space and equipment.


  • Know which things in the lab are ok to use for my projects?
  • Volunteer to work an event