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Perfect security is a fantasy. There is always a way to break a system. Even as a last resort, get physical access and have at it with an axe or torch. The fun is in breaking their oppressive functionality and creating new resources for the people, or just breaking their systems with as little force as possible.

Mass produce Ophcrack cds, BackTraq cds, maybe livecds that are specialized to WEP cracking, livecds with WEP cracking tutorials. Spread posters for lockpicking Mitigate security to increase civil liberties of humans. Put 'criminal tools' everywhere so you can't help but have a few on you.

The point here is that juristic persons have absolutely no trust or faith in human populations. They have this opinion that they are interfacing with us, without being part of the system that influences our behaviors. Well, under that assumption, legalism is a-ok and all humanity is greedy, cruel, and sinister. However, our hacklab and many hacklabs around the world have started with 'disreputable' people and managed to keep finances right, file taxes, and balls-to-the-wall cooperate. Maybe the problem wasn't the dis-reputability of humanity, but the immediate knee-jerk reaction we had to invisible juristic people stuffing us in airlocks and patting us down before allowing us to enter their 'facility'.