Minutes 1/26/10

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Meeting Minutes 26JAN10

Present: Shaun, Sean, Daniel, Brian, Abraham, Fishtank, Fishtank's Brother, Sam

8:25PM - Meeting called to order

- New guy: Shaun!

- Introduction

- Makes web pages

- Found out about us via hackerspaces.org via 2600

- Says there aren't any american hackerspaces in 2600

8:29PM - Sean's aunt

- She owes him some paper work

- Board will finish by laws and submit to Sean's aunt for perusal before we submit

- Sean: Are we all going to get ripped?

- Yes, he's serious

- Get ripped so we don't get beat up carrying our netbooks around the mall

- Can't really do it in the space

8:35 - Josh: Open Courseware for programming

- Devote certain nights to it

- Mack: Dues?

- We're about half way there this month

- Potato gun

- No

- Sean: paintball competition

- No

- Bylaws: some way of settling disputes, paintball/airsoft guns at 10 paces

8:47 - NFP stuff? Requirements for service

- Sean's aunt says: "Lots"

- She owes him some paperwork

- Find out more. Hours/week/member?

8:52 - Dan: PAY YOUR DUES

- Sean: What's up this weekend?

- Nothing yet

- No gin bucket (jesus....)

9:00PM - Meeting adjourned