Minutes 1/12/09

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Meeting Minutes 12JAN10

Agenda Items

In attendance: Tetsu, Fishtank, Brian, Sean, Anthony, Ibraham, Devon, Mack, Chesire

8:04 PM - Meeting called to order

- Dan asks, everyone subscribed to mailing list?

- So, security

- Webcams viable?

- Cost is the dominating factor

- Brian thinks we need a dog (joking)

- Start off with Zoneminder with USB cams first, add higher quality cams after the fact

8:15 - Enter Indy's friend, Devon

- This Saturday, work on the Zoneminder system

- Sean is going to score us some easy buttons

- Hack the easy button?

- Already been done

- Asking Devin about what his favorite linux distro is

- Ubuntu, Mandrake, etc.

- Not Gentoo, thank god

8:23 - Sean asking what good imaging software is

- fog (Free Opensource Ghost)

- Sean: who do we 'sudo open-house'

- Mack; What is the open house goal

- Dan: we want to have an open house

- Sean: to gain members

- Dan: this weekend, open house?

- Anthony: Members need to participate in Wordpress

- Dan: get reblogged on Hackaday

8:36 - State of the Treasury - We're close to paying our rent

- Could use 4 more members

- Sean: Thhinks we should move the meetings to a public forum

- What is the goal of apublic forum

- Used to meet in Panera, then BAM.

- The hackerspace is kind of offputting

- Guerilla marketing: Business cards, stickers, etc.

- 2600 is advertising hackerspaces, Chesire can take care of that

- Making videos, tutorials, is good advertising, we shuld work towards that

- We don't have many cameras, really

8:46 - Meeting called to an end