Mack's Suggestions

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Space mack changes.jpg

1 Lounge Area

  • Couch
  • Coffee tables
  • Laptop bar?
  • Wall of fame/shame (graffiti, Polaroid pics of members)

2 Kitchenette Area

  • Knock down wall separating this room from room 1. It's not as permanent a wall as the others, and will open up the room a bit. Or maybe lose door and just open up wall a bit.
  • Add sink/counter to bottom wall.
  • Add outlets above counter (GFCI)
  • Install fridge (may need to add an outlet)

3 Bathroom

  • None of us have seen it yet

4 Tiny office

  • Others have proposed laser lab
  • Servers?
  • Storage?

5 Classroom

  • Need a short throw projector
  • Ideally with A/V rack so presenters can hook up to projector easily
  • Consider extending further into warehouse area


  • This room is open into the warehouse area
  • Close this in?
  • Egress to warehouse space so should also be subject to access control

7 Bay Area

8 Quadcopter Arena

  • Enough said =P

9 Power Panel

  • Breaker panel is on left wall
  • Vent stack on top wall, unused right now, but could be used for shop sink

10 Tiny Closet

  • Used to be an entrance into room 5
  • Has a door and tiny windows on each side
  • Use as room for A/V kit for classroom?

Loft Area

  • There is a loft area above the office space
  • Suitable for light storage (fire hazard?)
  • Sprinkler piping comes down from ceiling
  • Need to add railing