Laser for Newbies

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Set Up

  1. Turn the laser PC on
  2. Turn the laser on
  3. Cut the material to fit
  4. Put the material in the laser cutter
  5. Check the distance from the material to the diode (54mm) If you are unsure what this means, check page 16 in the green folder marked "Lazer Manual". You will need calipers to check this.


  • There are no endstops
  • The door does not lock
  • That orange plexiglass will not save your eyes
  • If you don't know if you can cut it, don't. You could burn up the laser.

File Preparation

General Steps from Create to Print

  1. Create the file in InkScape
  2. Print to XPS
  3. Open in the Full Spectrum software
  4. On the Vector Cut tab, these items will be cut
  5. On the Raser Cut tab, these items will be etched

To Cut

  • Everything in the file should be black at roughly .1px
  • Everything in the file should be vector

To Etch

To Do Both