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==Handy Links==
==Handy Links==
* [http://familab.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/FSL_40w_Hobby_Laser_Manual.pdf FamiLAB Laser Manual PDF]
* [http://familab.org/blog/wp-content/uploads/2011/02/FSL_40w_Hobby_Laser_Manual.pdf FamiLAB Laser Manual PDF]
* NoiseBridge Laser Info (Same FSE laser) - [https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Lasercutter]
* [https://www.noisebridge.net/wiki/Lasercutter NoiseBridge Laser Info (Same FSE laser)]
* NYC Resistor Laser Power Info (Different laser) [http://wiki.nycresistor.com/wiki/Laser_Power]
* [http://wiki.nycresistor.com/wiki/Laser_Power NYC Resistor Laser Power Info (Different laser)]

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We are going to be getting a laser cutter!

Tetsu worked hard and started a Kickstarter project to get us a laser cutter for about $2000. We successfully pimped it out enough to get people to generously donate to our cause, and now we have one!

Our Model

  • Full Spectrum Engineering 40W Co2 Laser Cutter
    • 13" x 13" cutting table
    • 40w Co2 Laser
    • Water cooled
    • Safety Interlocks
    • 2.75" vertical stroke
    • Air assist
    • Cutting software (printer driver, uses vector software like CorelDraw/Illustrator/Inkscape)
    • Mach3 Control

Modification Suggestions

Our FullSpectrum 40W is far from perfect. Add your suggested improvements to the laser cutter on this list.

  • Mount the parallel port driver board further back within the case
  • Mount the Mach3 card inside the case, make cover for it to screw in the outside (with the laser cutter!?)
  • Strain relief and longer USB cable (Chris has a 10 or 15 ft he will donate. Ferrite beads and gold plated.)
  • Air pump (Mack getting this for us so ghetto-rig ShopVac can go away)
  • Digital readout for power knob (Looking into digital potentiometer with readout!)
  • Lid-switch should trip the system-wide cutoff, not just a computer control cutoff
  • IR-sensitive webcam in the box
  • Beam-split red laser upgrade to point where the laser will point (Chris will work on this as well as a laser to show where the corner of the piece will start.)
  • More stable/level platform
  • Locate more metal honeycomb without frame
  • Millimeter (digital?) measurement tool on the side of the platform to automatically measure height of platform
  • Laser-cut (58mm?) focus measurement stick
  • Back-lit switches for the "Laser Power", "Laser Test", "Air Power", and "Light", so we know when it's actually on
  • Shiny aircraft switches (Safety to keep from bumping), with led notifiers above
  • Water pump flow sensor and light, integrate with Laser On switch to prevent operation if a problem is present.
  • Knight rider LED chaser for when laser is active and lasing and dangerous
  • Better interior lighting (possibly fluorescent bars and/or LEDs) to better light the work surface
  • Possibly redo entire control panel with digital readouts and better (read: safer) switches.


  • Custom shelving
  • Acrylic chairs!
  • Benches
  • Random professional looking constructions
  • Wearable computing rig parts
  • eyeglass frames
  • laptop docks
  • engraving ensignia onto phones and laptops
  • super-custom made computer cases
  • display cases
  • any other random design pieces

Handy Links