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Space mack changes.jpg

Thanks to Mack for creating the graphic and starting this, I'm just building off his ideas, but didnt want to edit his page :)

We need to get a real space planning session going...hopefully with a professional...

1 Social Working / Meeting / Group Therapy Area

  • Couch
  • Coffee tables
  • Laptop bar? YES!
  • Wall of fame/shame (graffiti, Polaroid pics of members)
  • Wall of Announcements
  • Wall of Rules

2 Kitchenette Area

  • Mack suggested knocking down the wall separating this room from room 1. I kinda like being able to close it off and cut the distraction if needed. Maybe wait & see...
  • Add sink/counter to bottom wall. Yes - and this extra plumbing work can help provide a shop sink on the backside.
  • Add outlets above counter (GFCI)
  • Install FULL-SIZED fridge (may need to add an outlet)
  • Remove carpet, epoxy concrete or put down something cheap that can be mopped.

3 Bathroom

  • None of us have seen it yet
  • Make it really nice to start with and maybe it will stay that way.

4 Tiny office

  • Internet connection, wall mount server rack, small desk, locking file cabinet for inventory, our paperwork, etc. Also provides a small quiet working space as needed.
  • I would NOT use for laser. The Maker space (and laser access) need to be more clearly delineated. This also keeps people from venting out our expensive air conditioned air!

5 Classroom

  • Need a short throw projector
  • Ideally with A/V rack so presenters can hook up to projector easily - i love the IN3916 network / wifi projectors we use at work - no need to hook to it unless you want fast motion video.
  • Consider extending further into warehouse area IN THE FUTURE.


  • Close this in.
  • Put in small workbench for "Thinker" level members so they can do basic hand tool stuff / soldering.
  • Egress to warehouse space so should also be subject to access control - YEP. A window on this door to the shop would be good. Or we could just use the door & windows space 10

7 Bay Area

  • Flex working space - I'm thinking we mark it off in 10x10 (or 12x12) grid so that people can "reserve" a zone for a project or a period of time. We just can't block egress, etc. The zones near the offices stay free for class space, meetings, etc.

8 Quadcopter Arena

  • Could the quadcopter arena be suspended with a ladder and hook on a pole for quad rescues?

9 Power Panel

  • Breaker panel is on left wall
  • Vent stack on top wall, unused right now, but could be used for shop sink
  • 3 walls around this section, this is our best area for dust / filing collection, also furthest from the general population.
  • 12x12
  • Candidates include: CNC router, Grinding, Milling, Welding, Screen printing, etc.

10 Tiny Closet

  • Used to be an entrance into room 5
  • Has a door and tiny windows on each side
  • Use as room for A/V kit for classroom?

Loft Area

  • There is a (not really) loft area above the office space
  • Suitable for light storage (fire hazard?)
  • Sprinkler piping comes down from ceiling
  • Need to add railing
  • In general NOT FOR PEOPLE. We should build railing AND BLOCK THE STAIRS with a warning.
  • Raised DJ Booth should be built once stairs are up to speed, and then it should have proper decking and have railing to keep people off the rest of the ceiling.