How to: Classes, Workshops and Events

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This page is shiny new, bear with us as we get it polished

Steps to Hold a Class, Workshop, or Event

  • Seek member agreement that this is a good idea.
    • This helps you gauge the interest and attendance
    • This also helps you find members willing to help, including covering you in case you are sick etc. the day off
    • Ideally, this would be brought up for discussion at the Monthly Member Meeting. If not, you can seek input on the discussion mailing list.

  • Once you've sought member input on the idea, contact the group that administers classes at FamiLAB
    • You can use the email alias which goes to this group
    • This group helps with the class setup, ticket revenue, expenses, promotion, etc.

  • Good Promotion (If you agree to hold a class, this will likely all be done for you...) includes:
    • A FamiLAB EventBrite account page for tickets (even if free, tickets are a good idea)
      • Optional Benefits include:
        • RSVP
        • Easy headcount
        • Limits on the number of people
        • Free tickets, "Donation" tickets, or set price tickets
        • Sale of Materials
        • Promotion on the EventBrite site
    • An entry on the Public Classes and Events page (if it includes the public)
    • A blog entry with featured image that highlights the class or event on the main page of
    • Twitter promotion (typically done by Ian C.)
    • Facebook promotion (just relaunched, Ian C. will start doing if others dont...)
    • Linked In promotion (typically done by Ian C.)
    • Reddit promotion (typically done by Tony M. or Bill R.)