How to: Classes, Workshops and Events

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This page is shiny new, bear with us as we get it polished

Steps to Hold a Class, Workshop, or Event

  1. Seek member agreement that this is a good idea.
  • This helps you gauge the interest and attendance
  • This also helps you find members willing to help, including covering you in case you are sick etc. the day off
  • Ideally, this would be brought up for discussion at the Monthly Member Meeting. If not, you can seek input on the discussion mailing list.
  1. Once you've sought member input on the idea, contact the group that administers classes at FamiLAB
  • You can use the email alias which goes to this group
  • This group helps with the class setup, ticket revenue, expenses, promotion, etc.
  1. Good Promotion includes:
  • A FamiLAB EventBrite account page for tickets (even if free, tickets are a good idea)
    • Optional Benefits include:
      • RSVP
      • Easy headcount
      • Limits on the number of people
      • Free tickets, "Donation" tickets, or set price tickets
      • Sale of Materials
      • Promotion on the EventBrite site
  • An entry on the Public Classes and Events page (if it includes the public)
  • A blog entry with featured image that highlights the class or event on the main page of
  • Twitter promotion (typically done by Ian C.)
  • Facebook promotion (just relaunched, Ian C. will start doing if others dont...)
  • Linked In promotion (typically done by Ian C.)
  • Reddit promotion (typically done by Tony M. or Bill R.)