How to: Classes, Workshops and Events

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Want to hold an event but don't know where to start? Look through this page to get ideas.

  1. Before holding any event, it's important to gauge the level of interest. You can do this by bringing it up at the Monthly Member Meeting, by asking in #events_and_classes on Slack or by doing both.
  2. If you have never taught a class before and need some help formulating a plan, talk to Tracy, Nick, Suraj, Chris, or Jamie. They've all held an event before, or have volunteered to help people like you set up an event.
  3. Things you'll need to determine
    • Where will this be held?
      • Typically the classroom is best, but if it’s a class on metal work the metal shop might be better. Same with welding, or the laser. Pick the area of the lab that the class would best fit in.
    • Is this a class, workshop, meetup, or something else? This is about proper expectation setting for the attendees
      • Class
        • Instructor is presenting information and helping all students individually to gain the knowledge.
      • Workshop
        • A group session where someone will demonstrate or show the highlights, and then everyone works together
      • Meetup
        • A get together to make or talk about the intended topic
    • Is the public invited?
    • Are there materials required?
      • How much will these cost?
      • Do we have to hit a certain quantity for discounts?
      • What is the lead time for the materials?
      • How much risk is there in ordering these parts before tickets are sold?
    • Do course materials - slides, etc. Already exist for this?
      • Some classes may have been taught before, so slides and materials may exist. If they don’t, make sure you give yourself enough time to make them before the event.
  4. Once you've sought member input on the idea, and thought through the above; fill out the form at
  5. Make sure you promote the event
    • Consider making a blog entry with images that highlight the class or event on the main page of
    • Tweet about it on your own account, or ask @ops_team nicely in #events_and_class to post about it on the FamiLAB twitter
    • If you selected to add the event to Facebook when filling out the form, share the event to spread the word
    • Share event links to any relevant subreddits
    • Ask @ops_team to share it in the next round of announcements
  6. Prepare for the event
    • Rehearse your presentation and make sure you have everything you need
      • Slides, materials, backup plans, etc.
    • Send a reminder email
      • EventBrite will do this automatically
      • For certain classes though, sending out a special reminder to bring a laptop, download the IDE, bring the correct hardware, etc can be very helpful.
    • Arrive early to make sure everything is the way you want it
      • Clean, organized and laid out for your class.
    • Ask @ops_team on slack for the ticket check-in list from EventBrite
    • Group materials in advance
  7. As attendees show up
    • Welcome them. If you have an extra member or two around, ask if the can help with this while you prep the educational part of the class
      • If they’re new to the lab, ask if they want a tour of the lab.
        • This can happen before or after the class.
    • Get them checked in
    • Make sure they sign the safety waiver when they walk in
      • Even if it’s just a simple lecture style class, this helps protect FamiLAB should anything happen
    • Give them their materials