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We're moving on up!

FamiLAB 10x is the working name of our new space! The name stems from the fact that it's 10 times the size of our current space.

Preliminary Rules

We'll get together to agree on a set of rules for the new space. For the time being, please adhere to the following:

  • No modification of walls, electrics, plumbing, etc. until we have a process in place. We need to build consensus on any changes.
  • We have to run modifications by the landlord (who is also a member). Please direct communications with the landlord through a board member. We'll have a lot of requests early on while we move in, so lets funnel it through one person.
  • During the move, we are only bringing in what is in the existing space. Anything above and beyond that should be agreed to by the membership. Ten times more space doesn't mean ten times the junk.
  • Don't "claim" space. Again, we need to come up with a process to balance personal property with the needs of the space, and get everyone to agree on it.

Current Layout


Stuff to purchase

  • Folding chairs
  • Banquet tables

Proposed modifications

More Power

Kitchenette Area