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* Microwave, Toaster
* Microwave, Toaster
* Outlets (GFCI)
* Outlets (GFCI)
=== Door to shop ===
=== Door to shop ===

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We're moving on up!

IMG 1002.JPG

FamiLAB 10x is the working name of our new space! The name stems from the fact that it's 10 times the size of our previous space.

New Address

1355 Bennett Dr. Unit 129 Longwood, FL 32750

Please DO NOT park, visit, or occupy space at this building until Dec 1st, or per a move plan email.

Preliminary Rules

We'll get together to agree on a set of rules for the new space. For the time being, please adhere to the following:

  • No modification of walls, electrics, plumbing, etc. until we have a process in place. We need to build consensus on any changes.
  • We have to run modifications by the landlord (who is also a member).
  • During the move, we are only bringing in what is in the existing space. Anything above and beyond that should be agreed to by the membership. Ten times more space doesn't mean ten times the junk.
  • Don't "claim" space. Again, we need to come up with a process to balance personal property with the needs of the space, and get everyone to agree on it.
  • Don't fill up the dumpster at either the current space or the new one.

Current Layout

Updated 12/1/11 by David Woods. (note: A/C Units in offices are above ceiling.)

Suite 129 Layout, click to enlarge

Utilities / Services

  • See Treasurer (Ian) for details / questions
  • Dumpster (Locking) - 2 cubic yard dumpster, every other week pickup, $35 per month starting Dec 1st. UPDATE: Delivered.
  • Liability Insurance - $1M policy, effective Dec 1st
  • Progress Energy, cutover scheduled for Dec 1st. PLEASE CONSERVE POWER - THIS IS OUR LARGEST MONTHLY FINANCIAL RISK!
  • Internet - 8 down, 1.5 up (possible static ip), being funded by the building owner. In return, we will manage an internet-connected security system. Installed Dec 1. UPDATE: Installed. 8/1Mbit dynamic IP

Stuff to purchase

  • Ian started an Amazon Wishlist for FamiLAB 10x - http://amzn.com/w/FC8KA1DVJMEC email him to add stuff, or post links here :)
  • Folding chairs + rack to store/move them
  • Banquet tables
  • Full size refrigerator
  • Parts Storage: Extreme Makeover Lab Edition
  • Raw materials rack (for plywood, acrylic, etc)
  • Railing or similar preventative measure for dock high area
  • Ball pit
  • Short throw projector for classroom area
  • Open/Closed sign for the public? Maybe a FamiLAB custom build?

Stuff being donated or "leased" to FamiLAB

  • Pledged Equipment - Can get preliminary approval to bring this stuff to the lab from the membership?

Potential Zones of Workspace

  • "Store Front" for visitors and first impressions
    • Brochures and membership packets
    • RFID registration capability
    • Finished project museum
  • Classroom & Presentation room
  • "Think Lab" for coworking and basic hand tool use
  • "Make Lab" for high end equipment
  • Soft hacking area (sewing machines, kiln, etc)
  • Soldering & Rework area
  • 3d printer village
  • Stage for famiband & DJ booth

Personal Work Carts

The idea of allowing members to bring in personal work carts to use as a portable work bench/secure storage has been generally well received. We should define some ground rules.

  • Members must bring in their own cart. The lab will not be responsible for supplying or maintaining the carts.
  • Cart restrictions by membership level (Matt: These are just my thoughts, final rules would obviously need to be approved by member vote)
    • Thinker Level: No cart or locker. However, we may be able to do something similar by providing a small wall of bins that would allow these members some personal storage for small/light items (electronics parts, fabric/sewing supplies, etc...)
    • Maker Level: Choose between bringing in a cart OR use of a locker.
    • Booster Level: May bring a cart AND use a locker.
  • Members may bring in a store-bought cart or build their own.
    • DIY carts can be made of any material (wood, metal, plastic, PVC pipe, etc...) as long as they meet the size requirements, have caster wheels and are structurally safe
    • We should design a set of "standard" plans that new members can use as a starting point and either build as-is or modify as required.
    • Bonus points and
  • Need to define maximum dimensions
    • Clearly something like this is TOO big Link.
    • Matt proposes a nice round 2' x 3' maximum footprint
    • Height will be more difficult to standardize for store-bought units as they will vary.
  • Some examples at various prices
    • Nice multi-purpose cart from Sears on sale now for $129 Link
    • Cheaper option with less bells and whistles from Harbor Freight Link
    • Lowes had a nice 5 drawer tool box base with a plastic cart top for $89 but I can't find it online. I'll try to stop by the store and snap a pic.

Proposed modifications

Member Input

More Power

  • Any electrics must be up to code. In conduit at a minimum.
  • 3 phase available, not in our panel.
  • Dave Woods has an electrician.

Kitchenette Area

Proposed Kitchenette Layout, click to enlarge
  • Sink
  • Fridge
  • Microwave, Toaster
  • Outlets (GFCI)


Door to shop

  • The current opening is an "exact" fit (more or less) for a standard sliding patio door. This means we could avoid any significant framing or drywall work. Simply install the door and trim it.
  • This would give us a nice "fishbowl" into the shop so people could see what's going on. Would also provide a nice experience for people touring the shop.
  • Matt has looked into used doors from various sources but they are difficult to find and will be of questionable quality.
  • Lowes sells a double-glazed, insulated door for $269 that is buttery smooth and would do nicely :) Link


RFID Access Control

  • Front door to start - Aaron has the lead
    • Parts to be ordered
    • Will use off the shelf HID reader with Arduino backend
  • Later: door to shop
  • Later: major equipment control

Energy Monitoring

  • Project to monitor our electrical consumption and avoid power bill surprises
  • Some great open-source projects out there - see http://openenergymonitor.org/emon/ for one example
  • Need someone to propose a budget and then own the project - this will be a huge part of how we maximize our funds!
  • Ian will donate a Nanode to this cause...
  • Skycraft has some nice big transformers for current monitoring, I think

Fun Stuff

  • Glass/acrylic blocks in lounge area. Giant VU meter, restroom occupancy sensor, etc.
  • Decorate front "lounge" room
  • Mural in shop area