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We are the FAMiLab, a North-Orlando Hackerspace.

We are a group of people, 'hackers', who enjoy playing with technology. Separately, we want a place to hang out (besides mom's basement) where we are free to toy with these things, and not worry about unfounded fears the media propagates about hacking. Together, we can afford a really cool space with otherwise unobtainable equipment, and share ideas, creations, and stuff.

Contact us to come in for a visit. For information on becoming a member, go here.

Current News

  • FamiLAB is incorporated!! We will be having our first meeting as a corporation this Tuesday, and after we get most of the preliminaries out of the way regarding corporate matters, we can start working towards applying for 501(c) status! This will help make it easier for corporations and individuals to donate to us!
  • We have finished our Kickstarter project's goal and are awaiting the money to come in. Currently looking into different Laser Cutters to purchase. See that page for the ones we're looking at.
  • The space has been moved into a smaller unit. We will update the floor plan soon with the new layout, as we're still moving things around to get them set up.

Social Media

Official Documents

Project Pages

Speakers We Would Like

  • Hackers View on Corporate Law (how to incorporate, the benefits of incorporation, how to live the humanist American Dream through the use of corporations)
  • Security professionals with real opinions and information
  • Professional Lawyer to talk on tech
  • Intellectual Property Lawyer

It's easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission - Grace Hopper