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About the Lab

FamiLAB is Central Florida’s provider of space, tools, and community for creative technical learning and projects. If you are looking for a great place to meet like-minded people, learn, collaborate on projects, and have access to great tools, FamiLAB is the place for you!

FamiLAB’s mission is to be a community that fosters learning and creativity through hands-on projects, collaboration, and the sharing of skills & tools to improve ourselves and enrich the world around us.

FamiLAB welcomes makers, artists, thinkers, hackers, crafters, and everyone else – come wield your imagination in any (legal and ethical) way you see fit. Think of FamiLAB as a club for geeks! Whether you are an art geek, hardware geek, photography geek, code geek, lab geek, or any geek in between–we would like you to join us at the lab and teach a class, lead a lecture, or simply work on a project while surrounded by awesome people. If you can think of it, come build and share it the lab.

Following the philosophies of the worldwide hackerspace* movement, FamiLAB seeks to be a diverse community where people of various backgrounds can come together to teach and learn. We provide a space, tools, and a community of geeks for you to utilize. Our current tools include hand tools, basic power tools, soldering stations, 3D printers, a laser cutter. Interests among current members range from abstract mathematics to microcontrollers, iPhone and Android application programming, Arduino design and coding, PCB design, FPGA design, Quadracopters, etc. We’re always looking for new people to collaborate on current projects or bring new projects to the table.

Member Information
Official Documents
Workshops, Events, and Challenges
  • Check Recurring Events for a list of Recurring Events.
  • For dates of current workshops, classes and events please see our Calendar.
  • Recurring Event: Machine Shop Meetup
This event is a casual gathering in the Machine Shop where members may hang out and discuss their projects in the machine shop and discuss other related topics.
This event occurs every other Friday at 6PM (18:00) and goes to about 10PM (22:00)
For dates about this event please go to the FamiLAB Calendar
  • Recurring Event: Theater Discussion Night
This event is an movie event featuring different movies which is then discussed afterward.
This event is being rescheduled. Please visit our page for additional information.
For more information please go to: Theater Discussion Night
  • Up to date information coming soon.
  • NEW: Impact Making. Get involved in maker activism!

Lab Layout

Familab layout.png

Facility Areas
Front Area Warehouse
FamiLAB is a smoke-free facility.
If you desire to smoke, please smoke outside of the front door.
Please do not litter, there is a cigarette disposal receptacle at the base of the stairs outside.
Get Involved

Read more about our culture at What Can (and Can't) I Do At FamiLAB.

If you are already a FamiLAB member, then PLEASE get a wiki account (instructions on the New Member Orientation Info page, create your user page, and share your knowledge!

Current News
  • Theater Discussion Night: Scheduled Once A Month
Next Scheduled Movie: Close Encounters of the Third Kind]]
For more information go to: Theater Discussion Night
This even is being rescheduled. Please check out our page for more information.
Theater Discussion Night is a FamiLAB members' event.
Friends and family of members are encouraged to come as well with a current FamiLAB member.
  • FamiLAB Newsletter
Starting in June or July we will have a newsletter.
For more information please go to FamiLAB Newsletter.
Contributors will be welcome to assist with new content.
  • New Popcorn Machine
Soon the lab will have a permanent popcorn machine in the Laptop Bar!
It was purchased for lab members for the enjoyment of popcorn on any given time.
So, please use it with care so everyone may enjoy fresh popcorn anytime.
There will be a page soon with instructions on how to use it properly.
Note: Lloyd Black retains ownership of the popcorn machine for repair and general maintenance purposes.
Help Support FamiLAB


AmazonSmile is a simple and automatic way for you to support FamiLAB.
The AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% of the purchase price from your eligible AmazonSmile purchases.
It doesn't cost anything to use this feature and the cost of every purchase doesn't change even though we get a percentage of every eligible item.
For more information on how to use AmazonSmile to support FamiLAB please see our Amazon Smile page.

General Donations:

Would you like to help FamiLAB financially without being specific?
There's many things that the lab needs for day to day functioning.
Check out our General Donations page to make a non-specific donation and see what it goes towards.


Crowdfunding of Projects:
We can always use some extra help in obtaining extra things for the lab.
We have a few things listed on our Crowdfunding page.

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FamiLAB Shopping List
Would you like to contribute to FamiLAB?
We can use some help in getting things for the lab.
We have several things listed on our Lab Shopping List page.
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FamiLAB Operations
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