Dream Equipment

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List of equipment we dream of having in the space.


  • Oscilloscope
  • Micro-controllers, Programmers, Prototyping kits
  • Polygraph Machine
  • 'Helping Hands', Lots of clamps
  • ~$100 on Basic Electric Components

Computers, Networking & Data Storage

  • Centralized Database Hub - Set up collectors from all sorts of sources
  • Portscan database (Like A Search Engine of TCP/IP!)
  • Computer in rack panel with pullout drawer - interesting design idea
  • IRL field manual to computer security - help John Doe improve his security.


  • Radio Equipment
  • Ham Radio
    • Ham Relay Station
    • Ham BBS
  • VoIP phones (SIP/IAX for Asterisk hacking)
  • DECT phones (we could start a local network)



  • Bulk Scanners
  • Large Format Printer

Shop Tools


  • Chem Supplies
  • Mass Spectrometer

Facility Systems

Art Equipment

  • Potter's Wheel
  • Kiln
  • Darkroom equipment (can share space with the server room?) (black duct tape, a developing tank, reels, and chemicals, a bathroom would be nice :)

Metalworking Equipment

  • Blowtorch
  • Foundry / Metalworking Furnance (May be able to share purpose with Kiln)
  • Crucibles
  • Vacuum Table
  • Safety Equipment (Leather Apron, Leather Gloves, Face Shield, Tongs, etc)


  • RFID Hack Stuff
  • Magstripe Tools
  • Peltier Coolers
  • Cesium Time Clock
  • Methods/Procedure of Verifying Scientific Claims
  • DNA sequencer ($90-$500 ?)