Decontamination Chamber

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rename to Decompression Chamber? Social Decompression Chamber?

Buy plexiglass, fog machine, laser diodes, and biohazard symbols.

Entry to the FAMiLab premises will only be accomplished through a 30 second decontamination phase.

We will need to build a plexiglass chamber, sealed to the door. The chamber will be filled with fog from the fog machine while an occupant is present, then they will be unnecessarily scanned by a green laser. Then they will be allowed in.

We could also cover people in some decent smelling scent to keep out space smelling nice.

We could also (and no one will like this idea) have lab coats and stuff you put on. Maybe require the removal of some clothing, to be put in a Biohazard container appropriately marked with a Biohazard symbol.