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Generally creating and editing articles in the FamiLAB Wiki is the same process as in Wikipedia.

Article Layout

Typical layout is as follows (from Wikipedia layout).

  • Before the lead section
    • Short description
    • Infoboxes
    • Images
  • Body
    • Lead section (also called the introduction)
    • Content (sections and subsections)
  • Appendices
    • See also (internal links to FamiLAB Wiki articles)
    • Notes and references (footnotes and citations)
    • Further reading (publications that give more info)
    • External links (relevant websites with a short description)
  • Bottom matter
    • Categories


Links to FamiLAB Slack

Typically people are referred to by their Slack name.

To refer to a Slack channel, use the following method.

See Also

  • [Wiki Editing Class].
  • [Wiki To-Do List].
  • [Wiki Help].

External Links

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