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Mike K. is heading up renovations in the classroom


  • Drywall repairs
  • Paint
  • A/V

Proposed A/V

Tracy says: Typical classrooms I've seen recently have a screen, a good projector with a remote, and all the necessarily cables and adapters to plug in your computer to the projector. Alternatively we could have a classroom computer, but that doesn't help the folk who use an operating system or applications that the classroom computer doesn't have. A laptop that can be used for the classroom might be nice if someone doesn't have one or doesn't have PowerPoint or whatever other app they need to do their class. A set of reasonably decent speakers would also be nice if someone is showing a video or wants to use music, sound etc.

A podium where all those cables go and the laptop can be perched would be very helpful as well. Maybe one that can also store markers and other supplies in a cabinet underneath?

White boards, the paper flip charts that have Post-It adhesive at the top of each page, and tons of markers are always a huge plus in a classroom. OK, these aren't "A/V" in the techie sense, but they are certainly visual and certainly useful!