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Lab 3D Printers

FamiLAB has a few members who are interested in 3D printing and the community surrounding it. Since most of the consumer-level 3D printers (RepRap, MakerBot, etc.) use the same methods of operation, we help each other out in getting our machines up and running, and keeping them operational. We are looking into holding some sort of meetings for those interested in the FDM method of 3D printing, or who would like to print parts they have designed. For now, here is a list of members who have 3D printers or are in the process of building them:



Chorca originally joined FamiLAB after working with Mack to produce sets of RepRap parts. He has a standard Mendel printer, BreepBroop.


BreepBroop (nickname) is a standard RepRap Mendel design 3D FDM printer. Chorca is currently working on rebuilding it with newer components.


Ian - Digitalman2112 has built a MakerGear Prusa-style RepRap Mendel named Phineas.


Phineas (nickname) was built from a a MakerGear Prusa Mendel Kit. Digitalman2112's RepRap has printed some small basic objects, but requires work to get fully operational. He plans to get it fully up and running in the coming weeks. Ian documented his build over on his RaisingGeeks blog.

Old picture of the Mackerbot shortly after installing the Wade's


Mack has a MakerBot CupCake 3D printer. It is a low serial # - and he's proud of it :) He originally purchased it to build the parts for a RepRap, which he did, however, he is now looking to a newer version to build.


Mackerbot (nickname) is a slightly modified MakerBot Cupcake printer. It has had it's Gen 2 extruder replaced with a Wade's extruder, and the hot end is a MakerGear Power Resistor. It uses modified Stepper Driver 3.0's, and has a TechZone extruder controller. Mack is currently in the process of installing a Low Rider kit to improve the build height capabilities.


Da3v has a Makerbot too...we don't know if it has a name, but when he edits this page, we will find out :) Da3v has built a Prusa Mendel which is close to working properly, if not already is.


Cupcake #421. I didn't name it because I didn't want to get too attached to it. It has Gen3 electronics, a gear motor brutstruder, and makergear hot end. During the GGHC, it did a good enough job on the RJ45 tails, but I have no idea which version of skeinforge/what profile I was using to make it happy. I'm pretty sure I broke the connectors off of the heated bed (again) in the process of prying the RJ45 plug off of it. I'm torn between adding a stepper driven extruder to it and just converting it to a gigapan. (http://www.flickr.com/photos/ordaos/5826266506/in/photostream/)

Prusa Mendel

I have a name for it, but in the interest of keeping this family friendly, I'll just call it "The Prusa" for now. RAMPs, MakerGear stepstruder, MakerGear hotend, Clonedel x-carriage (My PLA carriage melted). Mostly working, but I don't have the stepper extruder dialed in. PLA prints come out looking foamy/sparse. Extruder motor and controller run really, really hot.