Wood Shop

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Wood Shop

In the warehouse, rear right section of the shop. Accessible via Classroom or via Metal Shop

* Woodworking 101 (Planned)
* Woodworking 102 (Planned)
* 4x4 CNC Mill (Planned)

The Wood Shop allows people to create a wide range of wood-based items and to work on projects using the assortment of tools and equipment specialized for woodworking.

Wood Shop Machine Tool Skills Index

Equipment in Wood Shop

Equipment List

  • 4x4 CNC Mill - 2.5-axis CNC router/mill with 4'x4' bed. Training Required
  • Mach4 - CAD/CAM software used for designing parts and programming the 4x4 CNC Mill.

Stock Rack

The stock rack is at the back of the lab next to the compressor for the Metal Shop area, located near the 4x4 CNC Mill. The shelf under the Powerwheels racers has an assortment of MDF and plywood in a variety of thicknesses. To the left of the plywood are larger pieces of melamine and hardwood, with smaller stock and offcuts sitting on the rack at eye level on the pallet rack on the left facing the 4x4 CNC Mill. Anything here without a name on it is fair game for use, but please contribute to it as well. If you take a piece, please leave equivalent-ish stock next time you have some scrap. Any stock without a name on it is free to use for members. If you will be making large quantities of items, please bring your own lumber from other sources listed on our Vendor List.

Tool Storage

Put all tools back into their storage location.

Etiquette - How Not to Be a Jerk

Wood Shop Safety Tips.

  • Clean up after yourself. The orange Shop Vacs, brooms, and dustpans can be used to clean up sawdust and any waste.
  • Put tools back where you found them. If they were not in their home, put them there
  • If you're not sure about something, ask or look it up
  • If someone is machining/using tools, don't talk to them. Wait until they are at a stopping point. These tools are dangerous and distractions can cause injury, ruined workpieces, and damaged tools.
  • Label your tools and material. If you don't, don't be upset if they are used. Likewise, if you aren't sure if something is available for community use, ask.
  • Keep up to date in #woodworking and keep others up to date as well.
  • Sweep the floor once in a while.
  • You're awesome! Remind others of this, too.