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Wiki Wine Wednesdays has been suspended until further notice. It will now be held 'as needed'.
This event has NOT been cancelled. It's just been put on hold due to low attendance.
If anyone would like to contribute to our wiki and get an editor account on the wiki please contact Lloyd Black (on Slack as
If there's any demand for having another Wiki updating event please let Lloyd know and it will be scheduled.
New news about updating our wiki:
There are plans to get a regularly scheduled wiki day back up.
Currently, we're waiting on getting some updates done to help get the wiki be more user friendly to be worked on and edited by people who aren't familiar with wiki formatting syntax.
That means a WYSIWYG editor is in the works so people may edit and create pages with little to no experience with wiki editing.
Join us once a month for a night of food and sharing knowledge with the rest of the lab.

If you would like to help us bring the wiki up to date we have a regular event every third Wednesday of each month.
The event is on every 3rd Wednesday of each month, usually starts at 7pm and usually ends at 10pm.

  • LloydBlack leads the project and events for updating the FamiLAB Wiki. He is currently in charge of running the Wiki.
However, the FamiLAB Wiki is a community resource and is a community effort for updating the wiki through contributions by all registered wiki editors.
New wiki user accounts can be requested through LloydBlack or Npolanosky.
Questions can be brought to LloydBlack during events.
Any updating questions outside of the events can be forwarded to him using Slack

Food and beverages, including wine, will be available for the wiki editors only.

The schedule and food theme for the next three events:

Schedule table is offline until new dates can be scheduled.

Month: Date: Time: Food Theme: Beverages Provided:

Check our Calendar for our Wiki Wine Wednesday event shedule.

If you never worked on wiki pages before we have an excellent Wiki Help page to assist you.

Additionally, for more in depth information you can use the following pages:

Beverage Information:

  • Complimentary Beverages Are For Wiki Editors ONLY. Please do not share the complimentary beverages with non-editors.