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This is a basic plan for our regular Wiki Days (or Wiki Wine Wednesdays). This page will be refined in time.

  • This page will be updated on a regular basis as wiki pages are discovered that need to be worked on or created.
  • Other headings may be added as needed.
  • Pages will be removed as they become completed to a reasonable degree.

Any questions regarding these plans may be forwarded to on Slack.

We need some people to work on specific pages to generate quality content and get pages finished or at least given a good start.

Please do not just create a page with one sentence and then make another. Commit to development of the page if you want to create one.

Some sections may have notes in them suggesting what needs to be done. Please also read the Discussion section of each page. There may be notes in there as well.

The table is just a suggestion for anyone who wishes to develop pages. They are known pages that could benefit from updating and content addition.

Do Not Delete Any Pages Unless Necessary. Please consult Lloyd Black first.

Needs Continued Development Needs More Content Needs Updating Redundant Page(s)
Fabrication Lab Warehouse Adobe Creative Cloud 3D Printing
BioTech Lab Wood Shop Laptop Bar BioTech Lab Safety
3D Printers Electronics Bench Classroom
Member Storage
CAD/CAM Software