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WEP Cracking is easy, liberating, and fun. WPA cracking is harder but also awesome. WEP can be cracked in under 30 seconds with the right scripts. We should be skilled in cracking WEP. We should hold monthly competitions.

  • Challenge: set up test APs and clients ripe for the various types of attacks.
    • Scoreboard.
    • Crack WEP, GET, system generates new WEP key
    • CTF time-limited WEP cracking with active clients
    • Risk-like boardgame style, try to acquire all the APs you can until someone gets them all. Simulate real network activity.
  • WPA Rainbow Tables
    • Legality?
    • We could set up all the computers at FAMiLab to compute them for a week, generate 1/2 TB of tables, or sponsor a BOINC project.
    • Distribute them for free