What A Hackerspace Is

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What a Hackerspace isn't

  • a place to perform illegal, unsafe activities.
  • a county-sponsored rec center
  • a permanent residence

Some Cool Philosophy

  • "Ephemeralization, the technological trend of producing more with less labor, is only viable in the long run IMO if accompanied by a decentralization of capital ownership and an education in managing that capital. What's the alternative, have crappy service sector jobs as our mainstay?" --Fishtank
  • People say that Philosophy begets Science, but if we accept Philosphy as the only inspiration for Science, we are missing out on a whole breadth of ideas and concepts that won't follow logically, but come from our reality. Accident and messing around can bring you to some awesome ideas. Alchemy also begets Science. It's an imperative. Circuit bending, software misuse, and system abuse elucidate implications of systems that we would not have come to under regular 'rigorous' QA.