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Welder. Ours is a lot like this one, if not identical.

The Harbor Freight welder is a welder in the Welding Area.


Digitalman2112 brought a Harbor Freight welder into FamiLAB. It's nothing special. The wire generates shield gases so you don't need any. It's loaded up with a spool that sits on top, has a high/low current switch, and has an adjustable feedrate. It seems to work on the lab's janky wiring.


Caution! It should go without saying that welders are not to be taken lightly. There's plenty of electricity to mess you up really bad, not to mention balls of hot metal flying about, arc light that can burn your retinas and UV rays that will give you a sunburn. Better get training on this one before using it.

Training is required.

As stated above, do not use this without knowing what the hell you are doing, i.e., having spent time welding before, or getting trained on it by someone who does know. If you don't know how to work it, ask one of the experts listed below. Welding is not easy and takes a bit to get the hang of. There are no instructions you can read and be good at it.


  • Digitalman2112 - He also has a true MIG setup for both steel and aluminum as well as a handheld plasma cutter, but they don't live at the lab. If you need to do metalwork, just ask.
  • Chorca
  • Darkmoonsinger