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Welcome To Familab Projects

These are small "Hello World" projects for each of the areas of the lab. The initial idea is for something coin/badge sized that is customizable, and demonstrates minimum "hello world" level mastery of the materials and equipment for each area that could be completed in one or two visits to the lab with mentorship from anyone else from the lab who has completed one. Participant would make two copies, one to take with them, one for display on the wall in that area.

Sounds fun, where do I start?

  • Follow the links in the projects section below for a list of steps needed to complete the project. Read through the steps and then go find someone who has completed the project and ask them to help you with it. Be respectful of the person who is helping you. If you are too lazy to read through the steps before bugging someone, maybe FamiLAB is not the best place for you to learn this.
  • If the area you are interested in does not have a "Hello FamiLAB" project yet, this is your chance to become an important part of FamiLAB history.
    • Propose an idea to the POC for the area you are interested in saying "Hello" to.
    • Work with POC and other members to come up with a design, list of materials, and list of steps needed to complete the project, including how to clean up.
    • Create a wiki page with a link below that points to your project.
    • Test it out! Find a willing participant, and teach them how to make that thing. If there are questions/cool new ideas, encourage your participant to add them to the wiki



  • Lasercut coin using customizable file containing familogo in AI. (requires laser class, done as followup) (requires laser 101)
  • Aluminum coin with hole(s) turned from scrap, lightly milled, threaded, stamped w/ slack handle and maybe a famistamp. (requires metals 101)
  • Wood thing safely made from wood in the wood area. More details required. (requires class?)
  • CNC'd thing made from wood in the wood area. (requires class?)
  • CNC'd thing made from aluminum in the metal area. (requires class?)
  • Picture of glowing petri dish art you created. (Sorry, ya can't take it with ya)
  • Leather cord taco with familogo
  • At-tiny blinky circuit (after arduino 101)
  • CNC'd circuit board by Zen 7x7 CNC Mini Mill
  • Soldered blinky badge
  • Hello wiki
  • Etc.