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Note: This page is a work in progress, and still needs a lot of work. Feel free to do some!

Let's start with an easily customized keyring from thingiverse. Ideally we would like one that is easily customized and has a familogo. Maybe you can help with that? This design is a start for now:

Steps to make one:

  • From one of the computers in the fablab: (Needed for Simplify3d)
  • go to http://www.thingiverse.com/apps/customizer/run?thing_id=1637496
  • Type in your slack handle
    • Not on slack? How sad! Fix that: familab.org/slack
  • Go to my queue
  • Go to thing files
  • Download the .stl file
  • We encourage you to create a dropbox share and store your crap files there.
    • steps for sharing a dropbox folder with yourself:
    • go to organized files
    • create share
    • send dropbox invite to your email address
    • Move the downloaded file to your shiny new dropbox folder
  • open your file in simplify3d
    • right click, open with...
  • choose idiot proof config for PLA (note: we need to make it really idiot proof)
  • Slice
  • Save file to your dropbox folder
  • Open browser and navigate to octopi.local (specify machine here)
  • upload your file (you can drag it on to the left half of the octopi page)
  • verify that you have "for lab use filamant" loaded. If not, see wiki page on changing filament without breaking the printer
  • Print
  • Let cool
  • Print a second one to display on the wall
  • Take a picture of the thing you made and brag on social media. Do not skip this step, It is a huge help when you do so!
  • Hang the second one on the wall
  • Make sure the printer is cooling down
  • Make sure the print surface is clean. Put scrap in the trash can. Empty the trashcan if it is more than half full or stinky.
  • Go find someone and teach them how to do this!

Additional ideas:

  • Same Project using Fusion360
  • Add a duplicate item step above