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The Warzone project is an interspace Hostile Network. Test new exploits, test IDS softwares, test hardware, or just fuck with people. Have competitions and shit. It's a darknet.

Current Participants

  • Pumping Station: One
  • HacDC
  • i forgot who else
  • US! (hopefully! as soon as we get our own internet and they agree to peer :)


  • offer to whitehats to test security protocols, hardware, IDS, patches, etc
  • offer to everyone to test exploits
  • hide (fake) valuable information in the network, like a treasure hunt
  • play with simulated real-world scenarios
  • radio station available only in the Warzone network
    • CTF for who gets to broadcast, lol


  • Do not connect a computer with any personal, confidential, or sensitive information to our Hostile Network
  • Do not think a livecd or thumbdrive or dual-booting will protect you
  • Do shred your drives at least 40 times with random data before installing an OS to connect to our Hostile Network
  • Do use FAMiLab-provided laptops and computers if you don't have a clean laptop
  • Do not connect the Hostile Network to the Internet.
  • Do use a separate computer if you need to look something up