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  • I'm using this page for general reference, wiki maintenance and related resources.
  • This page is organized as a source of wiki update information by Lloyd Black, it's not intended to be used by other editors.

General Information

  • Physical Address:
1355 Bennett Drive, Unit 105, Longwood, FL 32750
  • Mailing Address:
POBox #522047, 501 Florida Central Parkway, Longwood, FL 32752
  • Current Board members:
  1. President: David Smith
  2. Vice President: Michael King
  3. Secretary: Matt Luby
  4. Treasurer: Jamie Szafran
  5. Comptroller: Jackie Jeffrey
  6. Director: Dan Burroughs
  7. Director: Lilly Specht

Useful Links Related to FamiLAB

For reference or general information
Product Information: BL-FU310B Replacement Projector Lamp with Housing for OPTOMA EH500 X600 Projectors
Product Information: Optoma EH500 1080p 4700 Lumens 3D DLP Network Projector with HDMI

Pages for easy wiki maintenance

Page Maintenance

File Maintenance

  • File List: - These files are images, PDFs, etc. and other media typically linked inside pages.

User Maintenance

Wiki Markup Help Pages

Basic Markup Help Pages

Advanced and Specific Formatting and Markup Help

FamiLAB Online Forms

Jotform Forms

Markup code: [ Donation Form]
Markup code: [ Donation Request and Transfer Agreement]
Markup code: [ Equipment Lease]
Markup code: [ Familab Membership Testimonials]
Markup code: [ Liability Waiver and Photo Release]
Markup code: [ Membership Application]
Markup code: [ Recurring Donation Form]

PayPal Donation Form

Markup code: [ General Donations via PayPal]

Class and Event Request Form

Markup code: [ Class or Event Request Form]

General Links and Common URLs

Markup code: [ FamiLAB Calendar]

Ideas For New Wiki Pages

  • Retro-computing (C64, old storage methods, etc..)
  • Classroom projector page, with instruction manual, remote control use, DSP use and maintenance log for it and the bulb. Also, the bulb model number for future ordering.
  • Python page for those interested in the language. Give examples of code, examples of it's use and information about the Python classes.
  • Page with current list of member meeting minutes, to be kept up to date along with related forum posts.

Wiki To-Do list (Pages of the wiki that need to be removed, updated, etc.):

Too many to actually list here. List will grow and reduce over time.
Alphabetical listing attempted
+U - Indicates the page needs to be updated with better formatting and/or content added to.
++ Indicates that it could be connected with another information source. It needs discussion.

Personally Maintained Wiki Pages

  • Theater_Discussion_Night - (TDN page, Discussion section has a history of discussions about the movies presented.)
  • FamiLAB_Newsletter - (Page where information will be given about the newsletter along with an archive of past issues in PDF format.)
  • Lloyds_sandbox - (Page for experimenting to formatting and testing new wiki pages.)
  • Popcorn_machine - (Page for information about proper use of the popcorn machine. User manual PDF will be listed)