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Contact Info
Cell: 321-220-4013 - (Feel free to text me if you need. I can't promise I'll answer voice calls though. If you need to talk to me, please text me first.)
Slack (
Facebook: Lloyd Black (My page is set to friends only viewing in case you wonder why it looks bare. Also, I'm highly selective about granting friend requests.)
Prefers to be called: Lloyd
Location: Winter Springs, FL, USA - (I'm off of 434. So, I'm very close to the lab if I'm needed. Call or text me when in need.)
Hometown: Butler, NJ, USA
Belief System: Pantheism - (However, I respect everyone's religion. Also, I've been an ordained minister since 2000.)
Smokes: Yes
Drinks: No
Drugs: No
Age: 46
Occupation: Permanently disabled, unfortunately
Marital Status: Single, not looking
Favorite Activities: Going to Walt Disney World, going to and walking through malls, buying stuff on, driving, watching movies, spending time at FamiLAB with cool members.
Pet: Cat - Name: Jack (Was a feral kitten, saved him from going to animal control. Now, he's a wonderful, intelligent, affectionate cat who get's spoiled.)

Favorite websites and software listing websites: Do I know of some good sites? Yes.

  • FamiLAB Calendar (The best place to keep up to date on FamiLAB's events.)
  • Ubuntu - The leading linux OS for PC, tablet, phone and cloud.
  • Wikipedia (User maintained online encyclopedia.)
  • Youtube (Huge selection of online videos about anything you can think of.)
  • (My favorite place to spend money.)
  • (Software reviews for MS-Windows freeware and shareware. They pre-check the software for viruses and malware then test and review the software.)
  • Free version of Photoshop CS2 (v.9) This is a legit free version of Photoshop. Adobe is offering it free because it's old, from 2005. However, for those who don't need the latest version, this is a great version with lots of great features and works fantastic with drawing tablets like Wacom tablets.
  • IMDb (Internet Movie Database)
  • mIRC - Great MS-Windows IRC chat application - shareware $20 registration
  • Netflix (The best movie rental and streaming service in my opinion.)
  • Hulu (Fantastic media streaming service with movies and TV shows.)
  • Slack - The software FamiLAB users utilize to stay connected with each other.
  • TinkerCAD - Simple, online 3D design and 3D printing app for everyone.
  • Simplify3D - Highly recommended 3D Printing slicing software.


  • Learning something new every day.
  • Making basic game levels for Half-Life 2 for personal use.
  • Image editing using Photoshop and a Wacom tablet.
  • Collecting and watching movies.
  • Occasionally customizing existing products to re-purpose them and/or change their appearance.
  • Collecting hats (26 caps currently, and counting).
  • Occasionally involved in the paranormal community. (I attend the PIA (Paranormal Information Association) conference annually. It's not a convention, it's a closed conference.)
  • Collecting gadgets for paranormal investigation. Tools I currently have:
  1. K2 Meter (Basic EMF Meter)
  2. Mel Meter (More comprehensive and accurate meter combined with a thermometer)
  3. FLIR ONE Thermal camera for Android (Thermal camera for use with an Android phone combined with a visual camera to show edges of the environment.)

(I'm still collecting investigation gear so I can use my own tools when on an investigation.) Groups: (What is about.)
Organizer: Orlando Nerds and Geeks Meetup

Some favorite sayings:

  • I want to have a social life but I hate people.
  • Instead of "single" as a marital status, I prefer "Independently owned and operated".
  • I don't judge people based on color, race, religion, sexuality, gender, ability or size. I base it on whether or not they're an asshole.
  • I'm not mean. I'm blunt. Which means I will tell you the clear difference between a bit naive and incredibly fucking stupid.
  • Honesty is the best policy, but insanity is the best defense.
  • If you have a problem with me, please write it nicely on a piece of paper, put it in an envelope, fold it up, and shove it up your ass.
  • Chances are if it's tasteless and inappropriate I will think it's totally hilarious.
  • If silence is golden shouldn't duct tape be gold instead of silver?
  • I have no special talents, I'm just passionately curious.
  • I'm not going to censor myself to comfort your ignorance.
  • Once upon a time, I actually gave a fuck, well that's not today.
  • I'm the kind of friend who will help you hide a dead body, but if you betray me, just remember, I know how to hide a dead body.
  • Confidence isn't walking into a room with your nose in the air and thinking you're better than everyone else, it's walking into a room and not having to compare yourself to anyone else in the first place.
  • I'm only responsible for what I say, not for what you understand.
  • Never apologize for saying what you feel. That's like saying sorry for being real.