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This page is currently under construction, please avoid full page edits while this notice is in place. Sectional edits are safe but whole page edits could create conflicts between revisions.

This page will be for the scheduling and discussion of TV media related events.

TV media events scheduled here will likely feature current TV series shown On-Demand, Live TV events and past TV series.

Sci-Fi series like "Firefly", HBO's "Westworld" and shows like that will be scheduled.

It will also feature TV events like "Battlebots" shown as live events.

Other shows may include the different "Stargate" series, current sci-fi series and popular sci-fi TV series from past years.

If this concept works, each event will likely feature two episodes per night, time permitting and dependent on classroom availability.

These events aren't only for educational reasons but also for casual social purposes (for fun) as it gives FamiLAB an additional opportunity for members to enjoy their time spent at the lab. For that reason, there aren't any RSVP requirements. Members may just come in and join in the event if they have time to do so.

Originally there weren't going to be any planned TV events but there seems to be some interest in events of that type.

Initially it will be trial period to see if this idea will work with planning and the availability of the classroom for the scheduled time of the events.

The events will require Lloyd to own the DVDs for the shows being scheduled and/or have legal access to the episodes being available "On Demand" or Live TV.

It will include Lloyd's own access to different streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, HBO Go, Spectrum's Live TV App and other streaming media resources.

Lloyd will only use services he has legal access to. He will NOT utilize streaming accounts used by other members. If necessary, a discussion will follow some events to maintain a "fair use" policy. Lloyd's decision to only use services he has legal access to is non-negotiable and not up for ANY debate. This decision reduces the possibility of access to a service that could be less than ethical for this event.

More information about this will be presented here as more planning is conducted.

The name "Theater TV Media Events" was chosen as it's related to "Theater Discussion Night" as it's presented in the same way as the movie events are presented and it's likely to be hosted primarily by Lloyd Black.