The Great FamiLAB Organizational Cleanathon

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We're a little over a month into the new space, and yet it feels like a lifetime. Personally, I can't even a remember a time before FamiLAB 10x. That said, while we've made a ton of progress we still have a lot of work ahead of us:

  • We have a few things to do to bring the space up to city requirements:
  • We have a bunch of stuff from the old space that was thrown in boxes in no organized manner. We need to sort the wheat from the chaff, then further sort the wheat.
  • We have a bunch of tabletops with no legs! Dave Woods is working on a standardized setup to min-max the wood necessary per table, but we'll need help building them.
  • We have administrative stuff that needs doing, if you're not into sweating.