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This Discussion page will be for recording the discussion aspect of the events.

Lloyd Black conducts the event and will conduct the discussion session.
Verbal discussion contribution is voluntary but encouraged. Contribution to this page is also encouraged and voluntary.
  • Recording the initial movie discussion information is done exclusively by Lloyd Black.
  • That includes the movie title, date, and attendance information.

Thank you for interest in sharing your thoughts about the presentation.

Movie: "Gremlins"- Dec. 22nd, 2017

  • Event Host and Discussion Moderator: Lloyd Black
  • Event Attendees and Discussion Contributors:
  1. Stephen Copeland
  2. August Pamplona
  • Lloyd Black entry:
We discussed the possible origin of the Mogwai being of natural origin. There wasn't enough solid information to determine any additional data about the creature. We also were unable to conclude the religion or origin of the old man. We did consider that the Mogwai may not age like natural biological beings based on how long it may have been with the old man. Also, the old man stated in the end that the son may be ready at some point, which may suggest that the Mogwai are old enough to see generations of people so they may be passed down. We theorized on other topics but no solid conclusions were reached based on the fact that it's simply just a movie.
  • Lloyd Black entry:
Additionally: We ended up watching "Colossus: The Forbin Project". However, it will still be shown as scheduled. The movie was shown to present the very beginning of the movie to Stephen Copeland who was interested by what Lloyd Black shared but we got sucked into the movie and ended up watching the entire movie which of course ended in a short discussion. That discussion was mostly carried outside of the classroom and actually outside. So, a more lengthy discussion will be recorded on the day of the official showing and discussion of "Colossus: The Forbin Project" on Jan 26th.

Movie: "2001: A Space Odyssey"- Planned for: Jan. 12th, 2018

This event had been cancelled due to Lloyd being ill and could not conduct the event.

Movie: "Colossus: The Forbin Project"- Planned for: Jan. 26th, 2018

  • There was a considerable discussed mostly lead by Stephen Copeland.
  • The discussion really just went into current AI but was inspired by the ending of the movie.
  • Current AI systems were discussed.
  • AlphaGo was discussed.
  • Military AI was discussed.
  • "Seven Days of AI" was watched on YouTube. A video related to the topic. The video was also discussed.

Movie: "The Shining"- Planned for: Feb. 9th, 2018

Movie was cancelled due to a personal emergency.

Movie: "Pitch Black"- Planned for: Feb. 23rd, 2018

Discussion wasn't performed due to Lloyd not feeling well.

Due to technical difficulties with "Logan's Run" and VLC Media Player we ended up watching "The Changeling".

The movie had some technical difficulties which resulted in the movie not playing as planned. This problem was resolved at home by copying over a working copy of "Logan's Run".

Movie: "The Changeling"- Unplanned for: March 9th, 2018 but shown in place of "Logan's Run"

Discussion: There was an unfortunate lack of interest in any discussion. Apparently people are missing the "Discussion" element of the "Theater Discussion Night".
If lack of participation in discussions continue this event will be cancelled permanently in the near future.

Movie: "Logan's Run"- Planned for: April 13th, 2018

Low attendance: Mel (a friend) and Dustin Cox

Possible discussion topics specifically for "Logan's Run"

1. Would you enjoy a life of just leisure and sex in such an enclosed environment shown in Logan's Run?

Mel: No
Dustin: Yes (joking)
Lloyd: No

2. Would you enjoy a life where everything is taken care of and you just enjoy life with the condition you die at 30?

No, by everyone.

3. Would you choose to be an average citizen or choose to be one of the "sandmen" who hunt down and terminate "runners" who want to live past 30?

Mel, regular citizen
Lloyd, I'd want to be a sandman
Dustin, sandmen

4. Would you want to be a "runner" who wants to try to live past 30 and try to escape the city?

Mel, yes, I want to be a runner to live.
Dustin, No, I wouldn't run.
Lloyd, I'd run with the condition I wouldn't get frozen.

5. How would you feel if you were a "runner" who escaped the city only to find out there's no sanctuary and find out there's nothing outside?

Mel, I'd stay outside and try to survive. I'd keep looking around outside.
Dustin, I'd feel disappointed.
Lloyd, I'd be disappointed too but I'd stay outside to survive.

6. Would you want to live life but know you could never interact with your child who's taken care of without your help?

Mel, yes, I don't want kids anyway so someone else could take care of them.
Dustin, No answer
Lloyd, I don't want kids either so I don't care.

7. If you were Logan, would you have told Francis about your mission even though you weren't supposed to?

Mel, No
Dustin, Yes
Lloyd, I would have told him so he could assist me secretly and not try to kill me.

8. If you were Francis, would you have helped Logan in his mission or would you have tried to kill him and Jessica?

Mel, I would've helped.
Dustin, Yes, no, it depends.
Lloyd, I would've been on the fence about this.

9. Would you have rather been an armed Sandman or one of the cleaning Sandmen who sprayed corpses to get rid of the bodies?

Dustin, Armed sandman
Mel, Cleaner
Lloyd, armed sandman

10. If you were to be cryogenically frozen and wake up in the world of Logan's run what would you do?

Mel, Run
Dustin, scream
Lloyd, Undecided

11. Additionally, if you to wake from being cryogenically frozen, and be over 30, would you run?

Mel, run
Dustin, run
Lloyd, run
  • Questions and comments from attendees.
The way the building outside was cool looking.
The reflection pool was cool
When they jumped into the water it was stupid because they didn't know how deep it was.
Mel now wants to see the remake because of seeing the original.
It would be neat to see a comic book based on Logan's Run
The AI was strange since it blew up after receiving information that didn't go with what it expected.

Movie: "Dark City"- Planned for: April 27th, 2018: 1 Hr 40 Min

Attendance: Lloyd, Dustin, Kyle and David
Possible Discussion Questions:

1. How would you feel about being stuck in such a city and what role would you want to be in, a citizen or one of the aliens?

Dustin: He wants to be John
Kyle: Citizen
David: Citizen who drives an old car.
Lloyd: I wouldn't mind being John or a citizen that didn't sleep

2. As a citizen, would you want to remember what your previous life was before being changed by the aliens?

Dustin: He would want to remember past lives.
Kyle: Wouldn't want to remember his past.
David: he thinks he would have not been easily programmed and would have remembered his life.
Lloyd: I'd want to remember past lives.

3. If you were able to remember the previous configuration of the city what would you think was going on?

Dustin: That the city was growing.
Kyle: He'd think he was growing crazy and it would be confusing.
David: The change in terrain would effect him less.
Lloyd: Agreeing with Kyle, it would be confusing and would make me question my sanity.

4. If there was a way to leave the city, would you stay or leave?

Dustin: Try to leave.
Kyle: Try to leave.
David: Try to leave
Lloyd: Try to leave.

5. If you had the power to "chune" (the power that the aliens had) what would you change about the city?

David: He would use the power to defeat the aliens. He would make some changes to the city too.
Kyle: No comment.
Dustin: He would've done what John did, and make a beach.
Lloyd: I would change the city to make a theme park of sort somewhere.
  • Dustin asked, how did John get the power of chuning.
  • David asked: Would the humans heal after not being subjected to the nightly injections and be able to resume normal life?
  • David stated: If he noticed he recognized someone from a previous job and life he would notice that more.
  • We also discussed that the timeline or the environment from the movie would've reflected the early 50's.

Movie: "Star Wars: The Last Jedi"- Planned for: May 4th, 2018: 2 Hr 32 Min

Open Discussion

We discussed the origin of the birds on the island which are actually inspired from the Puffin bird.

We also discussed the death of Carrie Fisher.

We discussed the corruption of key characters like Annikin Skywalker and Kylo Ren and how they were influenced by Sith lords.

We also discussed the origin of some of the key characters in the current Star Wars movies.

The discussion was not planned.

More discussion information may be contributed by attendees at a later time via email. They will be added at a later time.

Movie: "The Island"- Planned for: May 11th, 2018: 2 Hr 16 Min

1. If you were one of the products do you think you'd also question your existence in the facility?

Kyle: Yes
Alex: Yes

2. If you were the administrator, would you be able to do the job he does knowing you're sentencing the people to death when needed?

Kyle: Yes
Alex: Couldn't do the job knowing she was killing people.

3. If you were one of the supervisors, how would you feel about knowing the "products" were only there to serve the purpose of dying when people need their clone to be harvested for their organs?

Kyle: I would feel a little uncomfortable but it wouldn't be my place because it could be that they'd be helping society.
Alex: I would be emotionally disconnected from them.

4. If you were able to escape from the facility, what would you think about the facility and knowing everything you know about your life was a lie?

Kyle: "What the fuck?" I'd like to know more about myself.
Alex: I'd be questioning everything because I haven't explored anything in the this new world.

5. If you had the money to invest in such a "clone" would you do it in order to have organs available for transplant?

Kyle: Yes, if I needed it.
Alex: Only in a desperate situation where I'm suffering considerably.

6. If you were to find out if the clones were conscious and had lives would you be able to have them killed for their organs?

Alex: Depends on how desperate someone is.
Kyle: Don't know.

7. Would you have a clone have a child for you if you had the money to do so?

Kyle: No
Alex: No

8. Related to above, if you found out that the clone had achieved consciousness, would you be able to have the clone killed after getting the child?

Kyle: No
Alex: No, because they kept be alive for body parts.
  • Additional questions...

Alex: How did they finally get to society. Lloyd: How did society accommodate all the new people/clones after they escaped?

  • Other comments and discussion

It was also questioned why Tom Lincoln had glasses and Lincoln clone didn't wear any.

Movie: "Westworld"- Planned for: May 25th, 2018: 1 Hr 28 Min

1. Would you spend $1,000 a day to be in any of the worlds?

Kyle: If I had the money Yes.
ALice: I'd consider it if I had the money.
Chris: Yes

2. If you could afford going there, how many days would you spend there?

Chris: Five days
Alice: 3 or more
Dustin: 5 days
Kyle: 7 days

3. Which world would you prefer to spend time in?

Kyle: Roman World
Chris: Roman world
David: A week in each world.

4. What do you think of Westworld as a resort?

Kyle: Looked authentic
Chris: How delightful and decadent.

5. What do you think of Medieval World?

Alice: WHat's with all the glitter.
  • Roman world is being skipped since it wasn't featured enough for comment.

6. How would you handle the gunslinger?

August: Before:
Chris: He'd take the time to come up with some real bullshit.
Kyle: Break a bottle over his head.
Dustin: Shoot him in the head.

7. What would you do if you found out the robots could kill you? (The virus spread out.)

A. Hide until the robots stopped (batteries died). - Chris - Kyle - Alice
B. Fight.
C. Find a way out.
D: Chris, I'd demand a refund.

8. Open discussion:

Alice: With inflation it would be a little over $5000 a day.
Alice: It would desensitize some people from the ability to shoot robots.
David: Now that it's 40 years later is a movie about technology painful to watch.

Movie: "Soldier"- Planned for: June 8th, 2018: 1 Hr 39 Min

1. Should soldiers be chosen from infancy and be mentally programmed and trained to fight as better soldiers?

Discussion: Yes or No Answers
A. Yes:
B. No:David- No, Kyle- No, Justin- No, August- No, Lloyd- I don't care, it gets the job done.

2. Should soldiers be genetically engineered to be better soldiers?

August: That sounds terrible. It's wrong.
David: There's a difference between between performance enhancing drugs and being engineered. They shouldn't be engineered because :they don't get a choice.
Dustin: Maybe a little.
Kyle: No

3. Was it fair for a child to be killed off because they were too slow/weak to be considered an effective soldier?

Kyle: Nope
August: Nope
David: Nope
Dustin: No bang bang

4. What should soldiers do after their effectiveness too old to be a soldier?

Kyle: They will end up doing something in the military due they were made to work in the military.
August: Be transferred into some support roles.
David: Society never should've put them in that position.
Dustin: Live a normal life.

5. What would you do if you were told you were no longer effective or have gotten too old to serve?

Kyle: No thoughts
August: No thoughts
David: Go rogue and break free from the society.
Dustin: I wouldn't know what to do since that was the only life you know.

6. What would you do if you were dropped off on a remote planet where others were living in a way strange to you?

Kyle: Basic survival.
August: Say Hi
David: No real comment, he missed the beginning of the movie.
Dustin: Get the lay of the land and survive.

7. What would you do if you encountered a soldier in Todd's position?

Kyle: Same as David
August: Same as David
David: Don't provoke him.
Dustin: Same as David

8. What would you do if you were told you were a hostile because you were on a planet where you don't necessarily belong?

Kyle: No comment
August: Take me out of here.
David: Joking: Call AAA
Dustin: I live here.

9: Optional: Would you shoot through an innocent person to kill the enemy behind them? Should a soldier do it in a time of war?

Kyle: I wouldn't
August: No that's terrible
David: No
Dustin: Nope