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This page is currently under construction, please avoid full page edits while this notice is in place. Sectional edits are safe but whole page edits could create conflicts between revisions.





For anyone other than Lloyd reading this, there are some additional notes and comments. Feel free to read what you want but do not edit anything as there's no reason to.

This page was exclusively made to just leave data as it is and is just for Lloyd to work with it. No organization is needed as it is just a personal data dumping page and may fuck things up.
When it's time to create an organized page, Lloyd will do it himself and doesn't need other people to do it.
Anyone wishing to assist in the event, whether it be planning, physical assistance or whatever, just contact Lloyd on Slack .

First the warning from Lloyd Black:

I DO NOT do 'cute and funny' Halloween events. Even though it won't be really scary, I don't do light hearted and child friendly events. My past in creating costumes and making props were never to play nice and be cute. I enjoy scaring people, sometimes to the point of the person crying, which I've done. However, since this will be a party I won't be able to scare people that badly. However, I do want to let people know I don't make smiley pumpkins and be like Disney in their approach to Halloween events. I do gothic and dark themes. I like darkness and catching people off guard. So, keep that in mind with how this event will be themed.

With that being said, this page is the start for a Halloween Party for 2018. This page is not to be linked to until there's definitive date and approval for the event.

Questions: Who, What, When, Where, Etc..

  • Theme: The general theme will vary a little from area to area.
  1. The classroom will be more of a gothic common area with candelabras, chandeliers and low lights. Basically, a dining room or ballroom with gothic themes.
  2. The machine shop will feature some 'industrial accidents' with some gore in the HAAS, the mill and the lathe. It will have some horrific scenes of what could happen if you disregard safety rules.
  3. The wood shop will continue with the 'industrial accidents' with some gore with the table saw and other equipment. It may include some sawed off fingers and other limbs.
  4. The welding area could have some 'burn victim' as a result of using the welding equipment without being safe. Electrical burns and death.
  5. The biotech lab will feature a dummy in a biohazard suit which didn't protect the person too well as he will look diseased or just plain dead.
  6. The laptop bar will have food so that area may have very minimal decorations for food safety.
  7. The darkroom will likely have chemical burns or something close.
  8. Other decorations will vary and are still being planned.
  9. None of the scenes/effects will contain anything that would be offensive to people with depression or other mental illnesses. Example: No hanging scenes or any possible depictions of suicide.
  • Who organizes this event: Lloyd Black will be the primary organizer as it's his idea for the event. There will be group department leaders for each primary aspect of the party if other people take interest.
  • Who may attend this event: Any adult member of the lab, their family and friends will be welcome to attend. This event will be for adults. Please keep this in mind if you plan on bringing other friends and family members. Younger people will be allowed as long as they are not frightened easily and accompanied by an adult who's a member.
  • When: Currently Unknown but will be in October after "Orlando MakerFaire 2018". It's supposed to be a Halloween party but will be held on a date that's convenient for people to attend.
  • What: This event is for the enjoyment of everyone and is a general Halloween themed party. The general activities will include eating, drinking, listening to music, watching movies, a costume contest and whatever else may come up in the course of planning.
  • How: This will be a cooperative effort among many members who will make this a great party. The concept was created by Lloyd Black who loves Halloween and wants to just throw a great event for members of the lab.
  • Fun Activites:
    1. Costume Contest:
      Naturally, having a Halloween event will require a costume contest. I will be working on getting something together for what's needed to accomplish this. We should have about three judges and different categories. Gift cards for will be the prizes. The prize levels will be 1st prize, 2nd prize and 3rd prize. The amounts are mostly figured out but are subject to change.
    2. PhotoBooth:
      Another idea is to have a photo booth but this one will feature thermal images and regular images instead of just regular images. The images will be done side by side to show how the thermal images compare. I'll figure out some way that the images will be printed right there on the spot. I'll have to get a new thermal camera better suited for this activity and set up for it. Why thermal images? The reason for this is that it's different and it's Halloween themed because paranormal investigators sometimes use thermal cameras in their investigations. The paranormal aspect is what makes it Halloween themed. No, we do not consider the lab to be haunted, this is just for fun in the event. Keep in mind that thermal images look very different than standard images, so you may see things that don't make a lot of sense. The camera sees differences in temperature not in the standard light spectrum.
    3. Other ideas???
      If anyone has other fun ideas for the event please notify Lloyd about it. I will work out the details with you and see about getting it included.
      Other possible ideas:
      Trivia Game about Halloween and movies
      Watching some good movies with paranormal themes.
      Ghost Stories (Find some books with some good ghost stories and tell them in the classroom with only the candelabras and chandeliers, basically almost no light).

Why are we planning so far in advance:

Why is there planning being done a full year in advance?
Answer: Any really great Halloween Party or event actually needs a year of preparation. Most serious haunted houses start planning for the next year right after the event closes for that year they just finished. It takes careful planning, buying new props and organizing involvement. I've done Halloween events in the past with very positive results. So, planning ahead always has good results. Also, I owe it to anyone who wishes to attend to get the best experience possible within the resources I have. I take my events seriously and want to create a genuinely fun experience for anyone planning on attending. So, as soon as October 13th passes and MakerFaire Orlando has finished for 2017, I will start planning for this Halloween Party for 2018. I will be approaching select people to assist me in preparing for the event in 2018. If anyone wishes to become involved in the planning for the event, please see me right after FamiLAB recovers from the MakerFaire for this year.

-->The current information on this page is largely disorganized as it's just a collection of information. It's for Lloyd to just have a place to dump information until the time comes for it to become organized.<--

Currently, the party is just an idea and concept. This page is for the basic concepts, decorating ideas and planning for the party.
There's a possibility that the party might never happen. It's too far out date wise to know for sure.
So, this is just for roughly pre-planning and conceptual organization.

Some general information and a warning for anyone else reading this page.

Organization Tables

The following tables are for very roughly organizing data to get a general idea of 'who, what, where, etc.'. It's more of a data dump.

Department: What they do: Who is leading it: What is in it:
General Planning General overview and monitoring of all depts
  • Lloyd
  • Assistance would be beneficial
There isn't any specific physical aspects of this but may include helping other departments.
Decorating and Effects Plan, visualize, and implement the decor and special effects.
  • Lloyd Black
  • Additional assistance would be nice
Setting up decor and props including:
  • Black tablecloths
  • Dressing up Mook to look evil, considering he doesn't have a head it should be easy
  • Making headstones for outside
  • LED candles for gothic candelabras and gothic chandeliers
  • gothic candelabras
  • gothic chandeliers
  • fog machines
  • cobweb gun
  • setting up 'industrial accidents' in different scenes
  • and much more.
Food Pick up food and display it safely for serving Lloyd but someone to do it Food and materials to serve the food
  • "4 Rivers"
  • Pizza
  • Candy
  • Beverages:
  1. Coke
  2. Root Beer
  3. Bawls
  4. Other Beverages
Entertainment Play Music, Show videos and movies
  • Lloyd
  • Need someone else to do it
  • Music (Preferably dark music)
  • Movies (horror and etc.)
  • Videos (anything entertaining)
Fun Activities Run the fun things like the costume contest and PhotoBooth
  • Lloyd may be involved with the thermal camera, due to the thermal camera being expensive and his personal property.
  • We need someone else to help with the costume contest.
  • Need three judges for the costume contest.
  • Thermal camera with matching standard camera for side by side
  • Tables needed for the contest
  • Need to make and set up the PhotoBooth

Activities for the party: What it is:
Costume Contest
  • Will include a costume contest. Prizes will be physical Amazon Gift Cards (cash will NOT be an option).
  • Should have three judges for fair assessment.
  • Types of contest will need to be discussed, themes, originality, bought/homemade, etc..
  • Prizes needed to be planned, will combine elements of what's to be judged like,
  1. originality
  2. homemade vs store bought
  3. theme
Each element will get it's own rating number and the overall rating will be added up from all of the different numbers.
Costume Element #1 + element #2 + element #3 = Overall Score Per Person
Prizes will be given to the people with the highest overall score.
  • Prize amounts are not set yet, these are just possible amounts.
  1. $200 {1st Prize} Gift Card
  2. $100 {2nd Prize} Gift Card
  3. $75 {3rd Prize} Gift Card
PhotoBooth: Thermal Image Portrait
  • Portraits of people using thermal camera and standard camera for comparison.
  • Perhaps make a photobooth where people can have the picture taken and get it printed out immediately.

Current List of Volunteers

This is a list of people are who have offered to assist and where so far.
It may be way too early to determine (we're over a year away from the event) who will stay with the event but it's an opportunity to see who's willing to help.
If you're reading this and wish to volunteer please contact Lloyd Black on Slack, or, you may talk with Lloyd directly at the lab.
You may also convey ideas for the event as well but there's no promise the idea will be used.
Current available departments are:
  1. General Planning
  2. Decorating and Effects
  3. Food
  4. Entertainment
  5. Activities
Name: Department: (optional) Slack Name:
Lloyd Black Organizer/General Planning
Dustin Cox General Planning @dustinbcox
There's a private Slack channel for discussing and planning Lloyd's events.
If you're involved in the events and wish to be on the channel please contact Lloyd about being invited to the channel.

Props To Be Made

  • Headstones for outside
    • Made from insulation styrofoam layers
    • Would be nice to have glowing layer - LED strips, acrylic layer
  • Platform for outdoor fog machine
    • Needed to give fog machine stability and be level
    • Also to cover fog machine to hide it
  • Many dummies for different scenes throughout the lab
    1. HAAS CNC dummy to bend over into the HAAS and have a hole drilled through skull - blood
    2. Bridgeport Mill dummy - blood
    3. Metal lathe dummy (watch videos and ask Nick for more info) - blood
    4. Drill press dummy (gets arm or head stuck) - blood
    5. Drill press bit breaks and goes into eye, without eye protection - blood
    6. Wood cutting table saw - dummy loses a limb/arm - blood
    7. Welding - electrical burn victim - regular fog machine for fake smoke effect
    8. BioLab - hazmat suit but still looks diseased
    9. Darkroom - chemical burns (idea from Katie - awesome idea) - blisters and burns
    • Need eye injury dummy

Props, Materials, Resources to be Bought (Categorized by Source) On Going List

Item: Price:
Vktech Industrial Gas Chemical Anti-Dust Respirator Mask Goggles Set (Style A) $10.99
DuPont QC122SYLMD00 Tychem Coverall with Hood and Socks, Medium $13.04
Cyalume SnapLight Red Light Sticks – 6 Inch Industrial Grade, High Intensity Glow Sticks with 12 Hour Duration (Pack of 30) $28.95
12 Industrial Grade Glow Sticks, 6" Ultra Bright Emergency Light Sticks with +12 Hours Duration (Green) $16.95
Hasbro A4812 Ouija Game $19.99
Readaeer Life Size Replica Realistic Human Skull Head Bone Model $12.99
Joe Funkin - Size 8 inches x 8 inches - Carvable Artificial Pumpkin $34.99
12" x 14" Monster Black Funkin $39.99
CHAUVET DJ Nimbus Dry Ice Fog Machine - Fog Machines $999.99
Life-Size Halloween Stuffed Dummy with Lifelike Hands, 6-ft Tall White $47.07
Item: Price:
Candelabras $42.99
Gothic Hanging Chandeliers $64.99
HOME DEPOT Casselberry #262 - 3455 S Us Hwy 17-92, Casselberry, FL 32707
Item: Price:
Halloween Clear Webcaster Sticks (Pack of 20) $5.98
PUBLIX Store #: 301 - Address: 951 N State Road 434, Altamonte Springs, FL 32714-7026
Item: Price:
Penguin Brand Dry Ice $???
ReddyIce 10-20 lbs $???

Information to be organized

Proper food list and sources

  • 4 Rivers - Which meats (Pulled Chicken, Pulled Pork and Burnt Ends) and sides
  • Pizza - How many pies and what toppings
  • Beverages - Coke, Sprite, Publix Root Beer, Bawls, Crush Orange Soda (for Alex)

Local resources

  • Publix for Root Beer and Dry Ice -
  • WalMart for beverages - Coke, Sprite, Crush Orange Soda
  • Suraj for Bawls Cans - Root Beer, Original, Zero

Closing Comments

Again, keep in mind this is just an idea at this stage and will not be official until further planning is made and approval is announced.
Further information will be provided as people become involved in the planning of the event. Most of the financial resources involved will come directly from Lloyd.
This is being done so the theming and decorating are consistent with Lloyd's ideas. Suggestions are welcome but may be rejected based on a specific theme being chosen by Lloyd.
This page will be updated randomly and may change radically at times as to reformat data and make it useful to the people doing the planning. This page currently is strictly for collecting data and is for the use of the people who will be helping with the planning and execution of the party.
This information is being openly provided to give transparency to the members. This also gives people an opportunity to provide assistance if they choose to support the event.